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Volvo Unveils Enhanced Electric Trucks for Urban Operations

by Abdullah

With an increasing number of cities across the world implementing clean city zones and businesses increasing their sustainability aspirations, zero emission trucks that can meet all needs for city transportation and logistics are more important than ever. Volvo Trucks has modified its electric medium duty trucks, the Volvo FL and FE, to satisfy these expectations.

Volvo Unveils Enhanced Electric Trucks for Urban OperationsThe Volvo FL and FE are designed to handle most applications in busy cities, such as distribution, refuse handling and urban construction. The electric versions have been on the market since 2019 and are sold in multiple markets across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The AC charging capacity of the battery-electric medium duty trucks has been almost doubled to 43 kW, cutting the time needed to charge the battery by approximately 50 percent. They also offer recently updated battery packs, delivering up to 450km in total range from one charge.

Jessica Sandstrom, Head of Product Management at Volvo Trucks, said,  “Volvo Trucks has a market leading offer of electric trucks – and we are constantly improving them to enable more businesses to take the step to zero emission vehicles for their daily operations. The upgraded Volvo FL- and FE-models are ideal work tools for businesses with sustainability high up on their agendas, offering a wide range of applications for their customers.”

Safety is key in the Volvo FL- and FE trucks and a range of new features will increase safety both for the driver and for other road users. The new FL- and FE models also come with a new appealing design with a revamped front end, distinct LED headlights and a boosted iron mark as well as the Volvo wordmark in the front.

Further, all powertrain variants on the Volvo FL and FE, including electric, gas and diesel, have been fitted with a number of new features, making them even better equipped for modern businesses in the city.

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