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Pioneer to Launch Android Based Infotainment Systems for OEMs

The company plans to introduce its range of connected dashboard-mounted cameras for occupant

by Aishwarya Saxena

Pioneer Corporation has announced to introduce android based infotainment systems for car OEMs in India.

infotainmentThe company, which presently sees about 50 percent of its business coming from the aftermarket and remaining from product supplies to authorized car dealers, is now eyeing foray into direct-OEM supplies in India.

As a result, Pioneer India is setting up two R&D centres in the country – at Gurugram and Bengaluru – with an aim to locally innovate and develop new products catering to local customer preferences.

While it is a leading player in infotainment systems, with some of its latest products like the 5290BT, 5450BT, and 8550BT being among the top-selling models in the aftermarket, Pioneer now plans to introduce Automotive Android-based touchscreen infotainment devices in the country.

The company is witnessing a significant shift in consumer preference towards Android OS which gives immense possibilities of customization, and ease of usage.

“It is a definitive part of our strategy to offer Android-based infotainment systems to OEMs, particularly in India. We will offer Google-certified Android products in the entry-, mid- and premium categories of infotainment devices,” Arvin Baalu, Chief Product Officer, Pioneer India explained.

“It is going to be one of the key focus areas for the Indian R&D team to build these next-generation Android infotainment systems, and that is why we recognize India as a forward-looking technology hub and not just an offshore development centre,” Baalu added.

While a predominant chunk of the legacy in-car touchscreen systems is based upon Linux OS, which is considered to be a more stable option for offering reliable performance and user experience over an extended period of time, Pioneer says the scenario is changing fast with most OEMs globally now choosing Automotive Android. “We are seeing a huge penetration of plain, vanilla Android getting leveraged by pretty much every OEM; whether they use Google services or not, is up to every vehicle manufacturer,” Baalu explained.

For instance, Swedish carmaker Volvo became the first manufacturer to announce its partnership with Google in 2017 to co-develop its infotainment systems based on Automotive Android OS.

The company plans to introduce its range of connected dashboard-mounted cameras for occupant- and road monitoring to enhance the safety and security of the vehicle and its occupants.

Under its sub-brand ‘Piomatix’, Pioneer is developing a mobility and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, which will leverage human-machine interface to offer connected vehicle safety solutions.

Pioneer India plans to locally manufacture its range of dashboard-mounted cameras in India, and is targeting to launch these products in the aftermarket sometime in 2024.

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