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Montra Electric Unveils Super Auto: 155km Range 3-Wheeler

by Abdullah
Montra Electric Unveils Super Auto: 155km Range 3-Wheeler

Montra Electric has launched its new Super Auto in Tirunelveli and handed over the first 10 units to customers.

With a 10kW lithium-ion battery, the Montra Super Auto can go 203 kilometers, according to ARAI certification, and can travel 155 +/- 5 kilometers when fully charged. A three-year, 100,000-kilometer guarantee is available for the Super Auto from Montra Electric, with an extra two-year, 50-kilometer warranty option.

Piyush Pandey, Head Marketing & Exports, Montra Electric said, “The Super Auto is packed with innovation and several industry-first features that will surely redefine the market. Our customers can now receive a greater return on their investment with savings in fuel and maintenance, and riders can experience a premium three-wheeler. At Montra Electric, we strive to produce vehicles that not only last longer but also contribute to protecting the environment for future generations.”

N Senthil Kumar, MD, RR Greenline Motors, dealer partner for Montra Electric Tirunelveli, said, “Apart from environmental benefits, electric autos are helping auto drivers save Rs 300 to Rs 400 per day on their fuel bills as their average running is around 100-150km a day.”

The Montra Super Auto won the 2023 International Red Dot Design Award in the “Design Concept” category in November. The category for “Innovative Last Mile Mobility Electric Passenger Vehicle” received the prize. The Montra Super Auto can reach a maximum speed of 55 kph, accelerate from 0 to 20 kph in 4 seconds, and accommodates four people, including the driver. It can produce 60 Nm of torque and 10kW of peak power. The ePV and ePV 2.0 are the two Super Auto models that are available. The specifications of the Montra Super Auto are as follows: height (1750mm), width (1350mm), and length (2855mm).

The Murugappa Group company TI Cycles of India (TII) stated in December 2021 that the Montra brand will head its EV operations in three categories: last-mile delivery, last-mile commute, and personal mobility. The firm launched its products in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana in the first phase. In these states, the Super Auto will be accessible at several touchpoints.

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