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Marking World EV Day With Biggest 11 Companies – Here’s What They Said!

This September 9th, BISinfotech celebrates the biggest transformation in the current automotive industry.

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World EV DayWorld EV Day also known as a global movement of electric mobility is been celebrated every year on September 9.

World EV Day is a worldwide celebration of e-mobility wherein multiple special awareness campaigns are organized globally to educate people about the benefits of electric vehicles. Before going into further discussion about World EV Day-2022, let’s rewind to the start of How World EV Day came into the existence and its significance in modern society.

This September 9th, BISinfotech celebrates the biggest transformation in the current automotive industry. While focusing on electric vehicles and their growth in the Indian market we accumulate exclusive opinions from the propellers of the EV industry.

Let’s Celebrate World EV Day and read what EV experts have to say about this revolution.


Amit Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of Yulu

“We believe EV is looking at a significant uptrend. It’s not just the EV products but also the new operating models like shared mobility that organically suit EV product form better, that are accelerating adoption of EVs. Consumers are showing growing preference for pay-per-use vs asset ownership across categories and that’s where shared mobility (MaaS) and Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) hold a lot of promise for growth. With our services, we are helping urbanites with a green and convenient first-and-last mile mobility option, and Yulu is also the most preferred vehicle for gig delivery workers to earn their livelihood. Battery as a Service can bring down ownership costs as well as alleviate range anxiety for users significantly and drive EV adoption. As the operator of India’s largest BaaS network with more than 3.5 million battery swaps till date, we have seen this first hand. In the next one year, we are looking at 10x growth in our EV fleet size, and have a network of over 500 battery swapping stations capable of doing 3 million battery swaps per month. This would give a significant boost to the domestic EV sector, and bring in new people in the ambit of EV adoption. We are very positive on the opportunity for EVs in India and will continue to invest in building the technology, infrastructure and market for a sustainable and inclusive future of e-mobility in India.”


Anant Badjatya, CEO of SUN Mobility

“Battery swapping is the answer to range anxiety, long charging times and high upfront costs when it comes to buying EVs. India is uniquely positioned, with more than 85% of annual vehicle sales being 2W and 3W to take advantage of Battery Swapping to expedite EV adoption in India. Niti Aayog has been working hard with all stakeholders to bring out a progressive Battery Swapping Policy. Its effective and timely implementation will create a much-needed level-playing field for battery swapping. Key challenges remain around import dependence on key raw materials and speed and ease of securing the required power connection at EV tariffs. India is the fourth largest passenger vehicle market in the world and EV is both huge potential and a huge need. SUN Mobility is working towards achieving 1 million EVs and saving 8.5 million tons of CO2 by 2025.”


Prasad Sreeram, Co-founder & CEO, COGOS

“Climate change is real, according to the UN we have less than 8 years to act to prevent irreversible damage to our climate. At this critical point in time, we need to make sustainability a part of our life and one of the green energy practices is to Adopt EVs. The current numbers in vehicle registrations show greater acceptance of EVs in India and with PLI, FAME, and other schemes from Govt, there would be steeper price reductions in the future creating a positive cycle of EV adaption. On this World EV day, we at COGOS are doubling down on our commitment to digitally transform the City logistics towards sustainability by strengthening the EV ecosystem and greater EV deployment.”


Anantha Bhargava Gollapalli, Founder and MD, Enercent Technologies

“The future of mobility is electric, and this change is happening now globally. Shared public charging stations are the way to go. We will also see renewables and battery storage integrated with EV charging infrastructure. Lastly, the governments are increasing their influence on the e-Mobility industry by bolstering funding and policies. From an Indian standpoint, it will reduce our dependence on crude oil imports, making us self-reliant, and adding to our nation-building activity. At Truepower by JioThings a brainchild of Enercent, we plan on bringing fast and ultra-fast chargers to the Indian market along with a seamless user experience. Curated stopovers at strategic locations to ensure you get ‘much more, making your EV charging convenient and enjoyable. Introducing Blockchain and Smart Contracts for charging cycles right from sourcing to dispensing.”


Mohal Lalbhai, Founder & CEO, Matter

“While we have come a long way, I believe that as an industry, we need to put equal focus on all segments of vehicles to be able to achieve our 2030 EV goals. Today when we look at the 2W EV market, most of the start-ups and legacy OEMs have prioritized EV scooters. The focus on EV motorbikes that cater to almost 65% of the Indian market is a key to increasing the e-2W market share in the country. We at Matter are building an innovation culture and investing in technological developments to create the future of mobility with product choices to serve a variety of needs through EVs, we are keen to offer audiences high-performing and safe alternatives to their mobility and growth needs. Our values are driven by bold creation, keeping it intuitive while smartly oriented around the new-age consumer, our actions around technological roadmaps are centered around performance, safety, security, and reliability while reimagining the new experience curation.”


Anshul Gupta, MD, Okaya Electric Vehicles

“We are working relentlessly to contribute to the drive for a greener and cleaner India. In line with this commitment we are moving ahead at a great pace to meet this target by offering end-to-end sustainable e-mobility solutions comprising of but not limited to Electric Vehicles, EV Battery Swapping and Charging Solutions, and Energy Storage Solutions. At Okaya EV, our mission and vision are aligned with the Government of India’s efforts towards faster adoption and manufacturing of electric vehicles and a 100% electric India by 2030.”


Amit Lakhotia, Founder & CEO, Park+

“We recently concluded our inaugural Carbon Se Azadi Mahotsav 2022 (Delhi), where we provided a platform for key EV stakeholders to discuss & deliberate on various #CarbonSeAzadi topics. As a socially aware and committed brand, we also took up the challenge to activate more than 10,000 EV zones by 2024. These EV zones will mirror petrol pumps, where cars and two-wheelers can be charged, the user can enjoy F&B services, get a car/bike wash, and use clean/safe washroom utilities. The Indian EV industry is primed to lead the charge in making India #CarbonMukt, by encouraging EV adoption rates across – two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers. At Park+ we are playing a pivotal role in building and strengthening the EV charging network and will continue to work closely with our business partners and government agencies to make India carbon-free in the foreseeable future.”


Sarika Bhatia, Whole-Time Director, Servotech Power Systems Limited

“Electric vehicles are now a more prevalent, cost-effective choice than they were only a few years ago. In light of all this growth, we urgently need more locations to charge EVs. Today, that is, World EV Day marks the starting point of this race to build enough public fast-charging stations to meet demand and make the transition to e-mobility successful. EV charging points are being explored everywhere from homes and workplaces to retail locations, and fleet depots. In order to achieve this, Servotech’s EV charging approach comprises bringing together solution providers, charging network owners, and operators comprising infrastructure funds, utilities, grid operators, and OEMs. For us, the time is now to scale EV charging points, establish factories and supply chains in pertinent areas to meet demand, and create a talent strategy that is growth-oriented. Going forward, the successful distribution of chargers will be built upon these resources. On top of all this, Servotech will also look to partner with the aforementioned stakeholders to finance public chargers, leverage data analytics for network mapping and engineering, and finally, drive campaigns to mitigate the range anxiety that potential EV customers face in switching from ICE to EVs.”


Puneet Jain, Founder, Natural Battery Technologies

“There is no doubt that EVs are the future of driving and mobility, and while newer materials may be used in the battery chemistry, and innovations will keep taking place. We are also gearing up to provide EV as a taxi service for which we are encouraging bike taxi riders to use EVs in their daily work. These are some of the initiatives that we are actively taking for accelerating the growth of EVs in the market; if not purchases but at a macro level, their usage and acceptance. We are also constantly invested in discovering new chemistries to evolve better alternatives for Li-ion-based EV batteries; these will be more power efficient as well as be easier to mass produce with resources easily available in India, consequently helping India achieve complete self-reliance for EV manufacturing.”


Tarun Mehta, Co-Founder & CEO, Ather Energy

 “This year’s World EV Day is particularly significant. EV demand has been increasing across the country in recent months. The transition to sustainable modes of transportation has begun well, largely led by electric two-wheelers. Electric vehicles are the single biggest hope for achieving a decarbonised world and faster adoption of EVs is the first step towards this goal. At Ather, we are proud to be pioneering the E2W movement in the country with our range of electric scooters and our widespread charging infrastructure. Each day, Ather users are riding more than 10 lakh kilometres saving 25,000 litres of petrol and 57.5 tonnes of C02. The rising demand makes it quite clear that consumers are open to shifting to EVs from ICE vehicles and the industry needs to support this by offering better-performing electric vehicles. I am hopeful that with the constant support of the government, we will achieve our country’s EV goals by transitioning to a fuel-free future.” 


Anmol Singh Jaggi, CEO & Co-founder, BluSmart

“Everyone around the world is witnessing how climate change can wreak havoc on this earth. Steadily rising average temperatures in cities, record-breaking rains and recent floods in places like Pakistan and Bengaluru are impossible to ignore. India is the 5th most vulnerable to climate change globally and it is high time we all wake up and make a change. We see a trend of rapid urbanization in Megacities. Our focus is to solve the pollution challenges of megacities like the Delhi NCR and improve the quality of life of people living in such megacities. EVs are responsible for considerably lower emissions over their lifetime than conventional (internal combustion engine) vehicles. I believe India can adopt electrification strongly and steadily. We have experienced the cost of EVs declining while the range has been on a steady rise. Now anyone can consider buying an EV and reap the benefits.”

India’s Outlook on World EV Day – 2022

Termed as one of the fastest growing economies in the world with its fresh outlook on the technological advancements happening all over the country, India is gearing up for a technological overhaul in every sphere of field.

Set on rising as the next manufacturing hub compared to China’s factories, the Indian government has targeted to attain EV gross sales accounting for 30% of personal automobiles, 70% of economic autos, and 80% of two and three-wheelers by 2030.

Inputs aggregated by Nitisha Dubey and Opinions shared by Aishwarya Saxena.

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