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EV Adoption in Northeast Gets Upgrade with New Collaborations

Evbooth is partnering with LoadShare, one of India’s leading logistic companies, to make their 200-plus logistic hubs across Northeast EV ready.

by Aishwarya Saxena

Encouraging mass adoption of electric vehicles in Assam and entire Northeast India, Evbooth (ChargingRide Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), Loadshare Networks and Bikozee have joined forces to step up EV adoption across the region.

EvboothEvbooth is Northeast India’s biggest charge point operator with over 80 plus installations in Guwahati and 100 plus across Assam.

While Loadshare Networks is one of the largest logistics service providers in the region with over 200 logistic hubs across the Northeast, Bikozee, an electric mobility service startup, is currently operating with a fleet of 100 percent emission-free vehicles in Guwahati.

Ravi Bora, founder and CEO of EVBooth, said, “One of the biggest challenges for faster adoption of electric vehicles is the lack of charging infrastructure, range anxiety. Besides, the idea of getting stranded on the road while driving an electric vehicle is one thing that bothers every EV driver.”

“EVs require a dedicated charger for users to charge, and for people to be comfortable with the idea of switching to electric vehicles they need to be sure that there are enough chargers in their city and that they will never have to push their vehicle home,” Bora said.

He further added, “For these users, the first problem is not how fast they can charge but the problem is where they can charge in case of an emergency. Whether they go to their office or a mall or for a movie or simply a picnic with their family, they don’t want their day to be spoiled by their vehicle running out of charge, and we at EVbooth are on a mission to make sure that none of our customers ever has to face these problems.”

Bora said they plan to install 400 plus chargers in Guwahati alone and over 2,000 plus chargers in the Northeast by the end of this financial year.

In phase one, they are creating a robust network of AC chargers across Guwahati and starting in September they will start installing 7.2kW DC fast chargers.

Evbooth is partnering with LoadShare, one of India’s leading logistic companies, to make their 200-plus logistic hubs across Northeast EV ready.

In the next few months, Evbooth will be installing around 600 chargers across the different hubs of LoadShare in the Northeast to help them transition to electric vehicles. EVbooth is also proud to partner with one of Assam start-up’s cohort Bikozee to provide them the charging infrastructure across Assam.

Biman Debnath, Director of Operations of LoadShare Networks, said, “We will need more partners and entrepreneurs for the ecosystem to grow and with the help of these collaborations, we look forward to expanding our offering in new geographies and regions in the coming months, thus providing more employment to the youth of the region.”

Sumit Das, Founder and CEO of Bikozee Ecotech Pvt Ltd, said, “The growth of digital commerce has brought tremendous opportunities in the logistics sector, however, the ever-rising fuel cost and the air pollution by the transport vehicles is an immediate economic and environmental concern for the planet.”

“Electrification of the logistics sector could have a large-scale impact on the action against climate change,” Das said. He added that every delivery trip on the Bikozee platform contributes toward carbon emissions while providing livelihood to the delivery executives.

EVbooth has also announced the launch of its EVbooth club, which along with its ecosystem partners organize multiple meetups throughout the months to speak to riders, vendors and other stakeholders from the EV ecosystem and create awareness, and talk about benefits of migrating to EV.

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