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Zomato Partners with Battery Smart for Last-Mile Deliveries

The EV Mela was attended by hundreds of EV enthusiasts, mainly delivery partners onboarded on Zomato

by Aishwarya Saxena

Zomato has joined hands with Battery Smart, a battery swapping network for electric two and three-wheelers.

Battery Smart As part of this association, delivery partners onboarded on Zomato can get access to Battery Smart’s existing network of 800+ Swap Stations across 30+ cities.

This association reflects Zomato and Battery Smart’s collective vision of powering green deliveries by enabling delivery partners to transition to EVs.

To kick off this association, the companies collectively organized a first-of-its-kind two-wheeler ‘EV Mela’ in Delhi last month. The event aimed to raise awareness amongst two-wheeler-based delivery partners about the benefits of using an EV and to showcase Battery Smart’s battery-as-a-service model, which can reduce high upfront battery costs and eliminates range anxiety.

The EV Mela was attended by hundreds of EV enthusiasts, mainly delivery partners onboarded on Zomato, and featured the participation of vehicle partners, Lectrix and Fujiyama, as well as financing partners, Revfin and Mufin.

Commenting on the association, Zomato’s COO, Food Ordering & Delivery Business, Rinshul Chandra stated, “At Zomato, we are committed to 100% EV adoption by 2030, and are the first food ordering and delivery company globally to join Climate Group’s EV100 campaign. We are now partnering with over 50 companies in the EV ecosystem with the intent to enable greener last-mile deliveries. This association with Battery Smart adds further momentum to our commitment as our delivery partners can now leverage a vast and accessible network of battery swapping stations. The EV mela, in addition, was a great awareness generation platform for our delivery partners.”

Pulkit Khurana, Co-Founder of Battery Smart, said, “We are thrilled to associate with Zomato – an association that empowers both new and existing delivery partners to join the EV revolution. The EV Mela initiative aimed to raise awareness among delivery partners about the positive impact of transitioning to electric mobility. Our focus also extended to sensitize them about crucial safety protocols and standards, thus ensuring a safer EV adoption experience for delivery partners.”

As India’s food delivery market is predominantly run on two-wheelers, there is a huge opportunity to electrify delivery fleets, save costs, and foster sustainability.

Battery Smart has been at the forefront of the battery swapping movement and its large network of battery swapping stations across Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities will enable Zomato’s delivery partners to serve green deliveries.

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