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Sustainability is at the Core of Whizz EV Model

Whizz's target is to have 100,000 live Electric vehicles in next 3 years.

by Aishwarya Saxena

Whizz EVWhizz EV Mobility is set to transform the mobility ecosystem in two-wheelers segment with its vast network of fleet services. Dedicated to advance sustainable transportation and decrease carbon emissions, Whizz EV provides electric vehicles in last mile delivery fleet services to a variety of segments.

In a recent interaction with Aishwarya, Deevik Garg, Director, Whizz EV Mobility Pvt. Ltd., highlights how Whizz EV is leveraging EVs in the last-mile deliveries.

Engaged in the EV as a service, tell us some salient features of the platform that differentiates it from Whizz’s competitors?

Whizz was founded with the aspiration to tackle the issues of global warming, escalating pollution, and the rising demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions in the delivery sector. What distinguishes us is our holistic strategy, which involves offering flexible leasing options of electric 2-wheelers to riders who collaborate with our delivery clients. This approach not only benefits our clients but also empowers riders with flexible work opportunities and income potential.

Whizz stands out from competitors through several key features:

  • Comprehensive Eco-friendly Fleet: Our fleet exclusively comprises electric 2-wheelers, contributing to reduced carbon emissions and a greener environment.
  • Flexible Leasing Options: We offer riders flexible leasing options, allowing them to earn income with low upfront costs and predictable monthly payments.
  • Diverse Client Base: We cater to last mile delivery, food delivery and bike taxi clients, providing a wide range of opportunities for riders to partner with various companies.
  • Integrated Technology: Our platform integrates advanced technology for efficient fleet management and real-time tracking, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Last-mile delivery is the key part of the rapid popularity of e-commerce businesses. Do you provide any after sales services too?

Yes, Whizz understands the importance of after-sales services. We offer comprehensive support services to ensure the smooth operation of our electric 2-wheelers. This includes maintenance, repair, and technical support on call as well as on ground through our trained mechanics offering road side assistance. Our commitment to after-sales services is a crucial aspect of our partnership with delivery clients to maintain the reliability of their fleet.

With an increased focus on sustainability and net zero carbon footprint, how does Whizz EV incorporate these practices in its model?

Sustainability is at the core of Whizz’s model. We incorporate it through:

Zero-Emission Vehicles: Our entire fleet consists of electric 2-wheelers, which produce zero emissions, contributing to cleaner air and reduced carbon footprint.

Charging Infrastructure: We have tie up with Sun Mobility for their swapping stations and in-house charging facilities for our riders, making electric mobility more accessible.

Advocacy for Sustainability: We actively promote sustainability and environmentally conscious practices among our riders, clients, and partners.

What makes Whizz EV fleet services a suitable choice for its partners and any special facilities they get? Mention any notable OEMs partnering with the same.

Whizz offers several benefits to partners, making us a preferred choice:

Cost-Efficiency: Our electric 2-wheelers are cost-effective to operate, reducing overall delivery expenses.

Scalability: We can scale our fleet to meet the partners’ growing needs.

Customization: We offer customization options to align with specific branding requirements.

Mention your target for next year and your future plans for expansion? 

Whizz’s target is to have 100,000 live Electric vehicles in next 3 years. Our expansion plans include:

Geographic Expansion: We plan to expand our service areas to new cities and regions.

Fleet Growth: We aim to continue growing our fleet to meet the increasing demand for sustainable mobility solutions.

Technology Integration: We will invest in advanced technology to enhance fleet management, rider support, and client services.

Strategic Partnerships: We will establish more partnerships with delivery clients and riders to strengthen our ecosystem.

We want to convey our unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence. Whizz is dedicated to providing reliable and eco-friendly electric 2-wheelers to our clients and creating some amazing income opportunities for riders. We invite all potential clients, riders, and stakeholders to join us in our journey to revolutionize electric mobility. Together, we can make a difference and build a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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