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Valeo Achieves Top Automotive Cybersecurity Certification

by Vidushi
Valeo Achieves Top Automotive Cybersecurity Certification

Valeo has been awarded ISO/SAE 21434 certification, which is the gold standard for automotive cybersecurity at a signing ceremony held at Valeo’s headquarters. UTAC presented the certificate to Florent Halbot, Vice President of Cybersecurity and CISO at Valeo, and Connor McCormack, Chairman and CEO of UTAC.

Automotive cybersecurity reference standards are based on ISO/SAE 21434 certification. It addresses how cybersecurity risks are managed throughout the course of our products’ whole lifespan, including upkeep and disassembly of on-board vehicle systems. This cybersecurity accreditation now covers all of Valeo’s global operations, including its four business groups, derivative products, and after-sales services. This accreditation attests to the Group’s superior performance and security across the board.

Edouard de Pirey, Executive Vice President Finance and Information Systems at Valeo, said, “Bringing ever greater safety to road users is one of Valeo’s key missions, and cybersecurity is an integral part of this objective. On a daily basis, our teams ensure our products, systems and software are cybersecure, as well as our networks and tools. I would like to thank them and congratulate them as their hard work and high standards have enabled Valeo to obtain the internationally recognized ISO/SAE 21434 certification for all the Group’s activities worldwide”.

At the forefront of the electrification and driver assistance systems revolutions, Valeo’s solutions contribute to more sustainable, safer and affordable mobility, thanks in particular to an ever-increasing number of electronic and software components. For the safety of its customers and end-users, Valeo says that it “applies the highest standards of cybersecurity, both for its products and for the Group’s operations.”

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