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Ultraviolette Partners with Mantra Academy for Auto Design Course

by Aishwarya Saxena
Ultraviolette Teams Up with Mantra Academy for Auto Design Courses

Ultraviolette has partnered with Mantra Academy, to develop world-class design talent and boost India’s position in the global automotive design environment.

As part of this collaboration, Mantra Academy students showcased the ‘Concept Electric Superbike – 2030’ at the Ultraviolette Hangar in Bengaluru. This initiative aims to encourage innovation in electric performance by giving automotive design students hands-on experience turning theoretical information into practical models in a fast-paced, industry-oriented setting.

Narayan Subramaniam, Co-founder and CEO of Ultraviolette, emphasising the significance of nurturing future designers, said, “Design is integral to Ultraviolette, and we are dedicated to fostering the next generation of automotive designers. Through dynamic, project-driven collaborations with academia, we aim to bridge the gap between theory and industry practice, empowering students to become catalysts of change in the global mobility landscape.”

The collaboration between Ultraviolette and Mantra Academy has facilitated mentorship opportunities for design students, equipping them with essential skills for success in today’s automotive sector. JK Maravan, Co-founder of Mantra Academy, expressed confidence in the partnership’s ability to enhance automotive design education in India. He highlighted the students’ access to Ultraviolette’s expertise and facilities, which have enriched their learning experience and prepared them for industry roles.

Ultraviolette’s program offers students hands-on exposure to state-of-the-art tools and technologies used in the design and development of electric two-wheelers. Additionally, students have the opportunity for apprenticeship and potential employment opportunities with Ultraviolette post-program.

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