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Fintech Firm Debuts in Two-Wheeler EV Financing

Access to finance will be a key enabler to increase the adoption of electric vehicles.

by Aishwarya Saxena

Global Fintech firm, Three Wheels United (TWU) has recently made its debut into two-wheeler EV financing in India.

financingOver the next 6 months, TWU aims to finance 2000 two-wheelers across Karnataka and Delhi NCR.

According to a report published by the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV) in January 2022, the sale of electric two-wheelers increased by 132 percent in India in 2021.

SMEV forecasts a 5- to 6-fold increase in 2022 compared to 2021. Incentives under the government’s FAME 2 scheme, increasing awareness about EVs, and improvement in charging infrastructure are some of the reasons that can be attributed to the growth in sales of electric two-wheelers.

However, the lack of flexible financing options remains a significant barrier to the expansion of the EV two-wheeler market.

Access to finance will be a key enabler to increase the adoption of electric vehicles.

Three Wheels United provides affordable financing solutions for drivers to easily make the switch from conventional vehicles to EV two and three-wheelers.

Founded by Cedrick Tandong, Kevin Wervenbos, and Apurv Mehra in 2017, the company has been steadfastly working towards removing financial barriers in the adoption of EVs in India and now globally.

Cedrick Tandong, CEO and Co-Founder, Three Wheels United, said, “At TWU, our larger goal is to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the climate impact of the transportation sector. Our foray into two-wheeler financing is a step towards eradicating barriers to mass adoption of EVs in India.”

Three Wheels United has over 50,000 drivers on its platform, offering them various products and services. The company has financed over 4000 auto-rickshaws resulting in the reduction of 1,72,000+ tonnes of CO2 emissions, and the generation of an extra $71M in income for the drivers.

Recently, TWU raised $10 million as a part of Series A Funding led by Delta Holdings with participation from new and existing investors.

With the new investment, Three Wheels United is in the process of scaling up two-wheeler and three-wheeler financing in India by partnering with the Government and other industry players.

TWU has also started pilot projects in the Middle East, Africa, and other emerging markets to improve driver livelihoods and reduce air pollution globally.

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