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TVS Motor to Launch Hi-Tech Electric Scooter in Dubai

TVS is also accelerating its collaboration with BMW Motorrad.

by Vidushi

TVS Motor Co will be releasing its second electric scooter in Dubai today at 9.30 pm IST.

TVS Motor The choice of a global hub as the venue for the new product unveiling offers a cue to the likelihood of the new TVS EV being a premium product with export potential.

From a series of teasers, the company has released on its social media handles since August 10, it looks like TVS’ rakish and radical new EV will have little in common with the existing iQube.

Given the upward consumer movement towards premium products (both ICE and EV) in the Indian two-wheeler market, it is likely that the new TVS e-scooter will be majorly different to what is currently available in India, to both differentiate the product from the competition and also to appeal to a global audience.

TVS Motor Co’s teaser commentary says that its newest product “is designed to shatter limits, reset benchmarks and disrupt the status quo of electric mobility”. Or that ‘Thrill has a date’, which is a hint that the new eco-friendly machine is likely to be a performance-oriented product. The new TVS EV could have a top eco-friendly whack of 105kph, given the visual teaser with the speed emblazoned on the dash.

TVS Motor Co, which is currently the second-best-selling EV OEM in India after Ola Electric, aims to up the ante in the segment. The Chennai-based manufacturer has sold a total of 87,397 iQubes in the first seven months of CY2023, which works out to monthly average sales of 12,485 units.

TVS is also accelerating its collaboration with BMW Motorrad. In December 2021, the two OEMs had announced plans to extend and expand their long-term partnership for the joint development of new platforms and future technologies, including EVs.

The second jointly developed platform (after the 310 bikes) to spawn from this partnership is for the recently revealed BMW CE 02 electric two-wheeler. What’s noteworthy is that TVS Motor Co has designed, developed and built the CE 02 platform.

As is known, TVS has an equity stake in the Bengaluru-based Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt Ltd, which manufactures the high-performance F77 electric motorcycle.

Meanwhile, the company’s electric vehicle journey is soon to also expand to three-wheelers, a segment which is also seeing strong growth in India, but that calls for an altogether different report.

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