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Tsuyo & Suzhou LVKON Collaborate on High-Power BEV and HEV

by Abdullah

Tsuyo Manufacturing Private Limited (Tsuyo) in India has signed a deep cooperation agreement with Suzhou LvKON Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. (LvKON) in China on providing technology and design along with high-power solutions for various BEV (battery electric vehicles) and HEV (hybrid electric vehicles) markets.

Tsuyo & Suzhou LVKON Collaborate on High-Power BEV and HEVThe agreement signed at LvKON headquarters in Suzhou, China, highlighted the collaboration and support on multiple projects across all mature and evolving platforms widely used in China and other countries.

As part of this collaboration, Tsuyo LVKON plans to launch product solutions such as Direct Drive Motor (DM), Transmission Electric Drive (TED), Integrated Starting and Generating Motor (IM), Continuous Electric Drive (CED), and Super Transmission Bridge (STEA) in 2024. BEV and Parallel Hybrid Drive (PHD), Multi-Mode Hybrid Drive (MHD), and Continuous Hybrid Drive (CHD) on the HEV side.

Vijay Kumar, CEO of Tsuyo, said, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with LvKON and are quite confident in the growth plans over the next 5 years. Our relationship with LvKON is unique and involves providing many special solutions for the heavy-duty commercial sector, as well as off-road vehicle solutions for the EV field of BEV and HEV platforms. As a brand, we look forward to showcasing the differentiating factors of our products to the India market post the collaboration with LvKON. In addition, these solutions will be customized specifically to meet the specific needs of India’s geographical conditions.”

 Li Lei, CEO of LvKON with over ten years of development and industrialization research experience in the fields of automatic transmissions and NEVs (new energy vehicles) is full of hope and excitement for this new collaboration and cooperation and shared his views on it. “We have high expectations for the development of the new energy market in India, and hope that LvKON can play a driving role in the development of the new energy market in India.”

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