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Tsuyo Driving EV Parts Innovation with its Customized Offerings

The company has recently introduced PAG (product application group) and also customer relation and service line to support

by Aishwarya Saxena

TsuyoSpecializing in powertrain products for EVs across categories, Tsuyo puts a strong focus on design, product engineering, and manufacturing.

Tsuyo offers a comprehensive range of Motors and compatible controllers and is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution.

Driving the lead in EV component market with its exclusive solutions, Vijay Kumar, Co-founder, TSUYO Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, shared his views on the demand & growth of powertrain solutions/products in the Indian market with Aishwarya.

Electric Vehicles have become an icon for clean energy. Working in the automotive component business, what makes Tsuyo stand apart from this highly competitive segment and your key offerings?

The automotive space is highly competitive while keeping a vast legacy, which has already built in the country and globally too. If we look at the current landscape, this new EV segment is a spin off while at the same time keep a different set of expectations and expertise from existing OEMs from components manufacturer. This is nowhere near to the pre-existing norms and style of business or offerings to align with.

More than competitive, it is highly important to have a robust grip on subject and must be backed with required research, development expertise and domain expertise to deal with. This requirement has pushed many start-ups to take centre stage and establish the real innovation and product development as key rather being a price competitive. Yes, being in space where the import is playing a key role with our key competition as China, we need to always keep a check on your product price positioning with already set-in imported products while at the same time this is an opportunity for us to work in establishing a benchmark and also learn from the wonderful cost base of Chinese products while transforming the same with more value additions and more innovative and indigenous solutions which keeps us always ahead and with more robust foot in door.

Our design and custom solutions, with after sales and extensive installation and validation support with agility and high responsiveness, keeps us apart and make us a stand-alone unique solution provider in this space.

With Make in India initiative going in full swing in automotive segment, where do you see the EV component market of India heading in the next five years and your plans in supporting this cause?

Yes, Make-In-India incentives and other government support and evolving awareness, is definitely going to take this whole EV components space as more confident and evolved with full growth and scale. This will primarily help in achieving the right cost base and seamless supplies and cut the crisis of intermittent supplies of required parts and accessories locally. In next five years’ time, I think the supply chain ecosystem will grow in full perspective and the company is already supporting through developing many local suppliers for input raw materials and other. We are also hand holding for many new components to new businesses and establishing the right specification and processes in getting in shape.

Kindly share your views on the demand & growth of powertrain solutions/products in the Indian market?

The demand is pretty decked up with growing numbers. While this took a bit hit due to some government restructuring on inventive and also some strict guidelines and certification and licenses requirement while these are just intermittent corrections and these fundamental corrections are just to make the base stronger and more attractive in growth and scale.

Segments like L1/L2 and L5 are growing in quiet adequate number. With advent of e-commerce players and also fleet owners, these segments have fuelled up the demand on a new level.

L3 Segment is already doing quite good and getting penetrated more into Tier-II and Tier-III cities stronger. Sectors like Agriculture and other off-road segments also became quite aware and many initiatives can be witnessed which are further supporting to the number.

Kindly shed some light on company’s R&D strength and your collaboration with Europeon partner on the tech know-how.

Tsuyo extends a strong base in R&D and we as a team has developed a strong product line in Mid Drive in PMSM and AC induction successfully. A complete series of products from 0.5KW to 30KW designs and development have been done within last 7 years of time with unprecedented niche with product excellence. Al products are well validated and in production and supporting many OEMs to push their new EVs on the road successfully. The company has all pre-requisite software and licenses to design and develop most required innovative motor and drive solutions for all kind of EVs application.

The company is also working very closely with India’s premier institutes like NIAMT Ranchi, IIT Delhi and NIT Nagpur (VNIT) in various field to ready some future solutions. The company is working in the area of new substitutes materials for Motor, new design of integrated structure, new thermal management solutions, new power electronic control for drives and also working for new motor configuration like AFM, SynRM and other.

European partner is more like mentor and always assist in setting up right production processes which brings forth 30 years of manufacturing experience from him and also helps a lot in new designs as key inputs to improvise and stabilise the design and validation.

The company is already having strong design and manufacturing partner like LvKON and CETL, china where a world class experience and support comes forward for the company.

Are your products customizable? Mention the testing and validation processes Tsuyo employ to ensure customer satisfaction?

Yes, Tsuyo always extends customizable solution and this is the main key solution pivot which keep us apart and different from other as we do believe as every vehicle need a specific treatment while building from scratch as new.

We have strong series of stage testing and traceability system in place to keep our process as an excellent standard practice to provide the best constructive solution. Starting from RM inspection, all winding 100% testing and inspection, stage assembly testing, finished inspection and also Rig testing in-house places all products as best in class. The company has also established a real-time monitoring and trial platform to create a field trial and validation way for each new product and batch test and inspection.

The company has recently introduced PAG (product application group) and also customer relation and service line to support and enable our customer to reach us for any issues and also PAG is an initiative to extend a pro-active support in this space.

Any upcoming plans for overseas expansion in the near future or any project the company is currently working on? 

Tsuyo is currently already present in overseas market like Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Nepal and Philippines while going forward the impetus on extending the solutions and expanding the customer base is quiet in consideration. With the growing demand in overseas and frequent enquiries in-flow to us for powertrain support and also for design solutions, the company is already in underway to put some satellite offices and also extensively working on resources to extend the solution faster and to meet most of the requirements as what currently coming. Market like, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Africa are key to progress. The company has many enquiries to work on currently and trying to build the enough resources and bandwidth to manage these requirements in more constructive way.

The company is also in look out of right channel partners in these countries to extend and establish the network for easy deployment of solutions and also to keep a close support to end users for a seamless and easy experience with trouble-free realization.

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