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E-Mobility’s Future Through the Eyes of Rohan Shravan: A Tresa Motors Perspective

by Aishwarya Saxena
Rohan Shravan CEO Tresa Motors

Tresa Motors aims to redefine the future of transportation through innovation, safety, and sustainability. It understands the paramount importance of driver safety and the undeniable environmental impact of ICE engines, and is committed to crafting cutting-edge electric vehicles that prioritize both safety and energy efficiency.

Commemorating the end of the year 2023, Rohan Shravan, Founder and CEO, Tresa Motors had a candid talk with Aishwarya and expressed his views on some of the key challenges EV designers are facing while integrating disruptive technologies in electric vehicles.

India’s electric vehicle landscape is changing rapidly with the introduction of disruptive technologies. State your views on the same.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are taking center stage in the automobile industry, transforming the way we perceive transportation. Amidst this revolution, Tresa Motors is making significant strides. We are leveraging advancements in technology, particularly AI, to enhance the effectiveness of EVs. Our AI-driven solutions address key challenges in EVs, such as predictive maintenance, range anxiety, and user experience.

We are not just innovators but also responsible engineers, aware of the environmental implications of our work. Our AI expertise is directed towards power efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability, which are crucial for exceptional EV performance.

Our vision is not confined to manufacturing electric trucks. We aim to develop commercially viable EVs, specifically tailored for the Indian market. We stand out with our commitment to localized production and innovative features, such as options for both overnight and fast charging, ensuring a remarkable distance coverage of 400–500 km on a single charge.

Our goal is to introduce medium-to-heavy EVs that are truly Indian, reflecting our commitment to a cleaner and greener future. This is our ethos as we navigate the exciting landscape of electric vehicles.

Tell us about Tresa Motors latest products & services and describe how they are integrating future tech innovations in their offerings?

We recently unveiled our first electric truck, built on our innovative Axial Flux Motor Platform, FLUX350. This truck is not just tailored for Indian roads, but it’s also designed with the global market in mind. Its edgy design is accentuated by a matte black paint scheme, slim ORVMs, and large, vertically stacked LED headlamps.

The battery used in this truck is MEG50, which boasts a substantial capacity of 50 kWh. The MEG50 packs stand out due to their unique design: they are fully immersed in a dielectric liquid. This immersion provides comprehensive 360-degree cooling to the cells and also acts as a fire retardant. This design not only boosts the vehicle’s performance but also places a high priority on safety.

MEG50 powers the Axial Flux Motor, and is anticipated to deliver a total range of 600 km (approximately 370 miles) for a 55-tonne truck. Furthermore, the truck can be charged to cover a distance of up to 400 km in just 20 minutes. This combination of design, safety, and performance sets our electric truck apart in the market.

Mention some key challenges EV designers will face in the integration of these disruptive technologies and how far can they penetrate in electric vehicles industry in the near future?

Our journey involved navigating complex parameters using customized simulation software, leading to a motor that surpassed expectations and addressed manufacturing feasibility. We collaborated with precision manufacturers in Bangalore to overcome challenges, resulting in a motor integrating Neodymium magnets and an impressive stator lamination stack. Today, the FLUX 350 is a significant step towards a self-reliant EV industry in India, with the potential to revolutionize electric mobility.

Safety and customer experience have now become some of the key criteria for a product’s success. How do these next-generation technologies fulfill the criteria?

At Tresa Motors, we prioritize safety and efficiency in our truck designs. Our vehicles are equipped with advanced systems that proactively detect environmental anomalies, providing critical alerts to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians.
Our trucks feature detailed 3D maps that record the location of road obstacles, enabling precise navigation and enhanced road safety. We also incorporate LIDAR technology for optimal performance at all times, ensuring equal protection for our drivers during nighttime.

We are committed to revolutionizing the trucking industry by focusing on customer profitability, driver comfort, and leveraging Indian ingenuity in our design and manufacturing processes. Our dedication to cost-effective ownership and enhancing the customer experience positions us as a leader in trucking safety.

Any upcoming project or research work Tresa Motors is currently working on?

As we step into 2024, we are excited to build on the momentum garnered in 2023. The upcoming launch of Tresa V2 and several innovative initiatives mark our commitment to continual progress in the dynamic EV industry.

We plan to expand to over 150 members, which reinforces our dedication to leading India’s electric trucking industry transformation. The addition of experienced professionals to our senior engineering team will further drive our company towards unprecedented success in this sector.

We also have ambitious plans for the future, including significant investments to establish cutting-edge manufacturing and R&D facilities. We are currently assessing potential locations for these facilities, with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu as the leading contenders.

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