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TouchMate Rolls Out Electric Vehicle Charging Kiosk

BlueStar brought the companies together to address the growing demand for charging stations.

by Aishwarya Saxena
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TouchMate has collaborated with Loop and Smartify Media to provide an electric vehicle charging kiosk, the EV-FOCUS, to customers in the cinema, education, and healthcare markets.

TouchMate Electric Vehicle ChargingBlueStar brought the companies together to address the growing demand for charging stations.

“As we venture forward in our technology solutions offerings, as the channel’s most valued distributor, we are eager to curate this partnership with TouchMate, Loop, and Smartify, for we feel all contributions combined are sure to captivate the right audience as this innovation evolves. Electric vehicles and pDOOH (Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home Advertising) are the future, and it’s only fair to equip EV drivers with the best of the breed when it comes to charging and advertising,” stated BlueStar’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Fraker.

“We are excited about the possibilities that can be achieved through our new partnership with TouchMate, Bluestar, and Loop, as the inherent value of physical real estate continues to expand into media and electric vehicle technologies. Smartify is positioned well to offer our partners and their real estate clients additional value and recurring revenue in a combined digital media and EV charging station option,” said Joe Kunigonis, CEO of Smartify Media.

Ben Williams, President and CEO of TouchMate, stated, “We are excited about this unique opportunity to provide a business solution that both pays dividends to our customers while answering the need for advancing environmental responsibility. This is one opportunity that is good for the planet with a solid return on investment.”

“The time for businesses to future-proof their locations for the electrification of the transportation sector is now. We are excited to be partnering with TouchMate, BlueStar, and Smartify to bring together a dual-purpose EV charging and programmatic advertising solution that helps businesses prepare for the growth of electric vehicles while simultaneously turning their parking lots into profit centers,” said Dustin Cavanaugh, CEO of Loop.

It is no secret charging stations are beneficial for businesses. They attract new customers, increase visit times, and enhance brand loyalty, all while generating income by charging fees.

What makes the EV-FOCUS special is its ability to display digital outdoor messaging with its eye-catching 55-inch screen, creating a second revenue stream through targeted, programmatic advertising.

With Smartify’s data-driven monetization platform, site owners profit from the inherent media value of their real estate, even when their businesses are closed.

Smartify also assigns dedicated team members to help facilitate advertising sourcing and content management, removing the burden from the business owner.

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