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Electric Vehicle Tyres are Different, Know How?

Since EVs place more pressure on regular tyres than ICE vehicles, regular tyres wear out roughly 20% faster on any EV than on an ICE vehicle.

by Aishwarya Saxena

Top 4 Best EV Tyre Companies in IndiaCounting the perks of electric vehicles (EVs) under the assertive encouragement of the respective country’s government, the world’s automotive industry is witnessing new dawn of electrification.

Surpassing the sales of regular internal combustion engines (ICE) vehicles in terms of sales and preference, electric vehicles have outgrown the realm of cost-effectiveness.

In light of this, specificity regarding EV parts has emerged in the market wherein regular parts utilized in ICE vehicles are not cutting the cloth at the right corners.

Pondering the issue of employing regular tyres in EVs or specifically electric cars, the majority of industry experts have acceded to the fact that the performance, as well as the lifecycle of these regular tyres, seems to be affected when used in their electric counterparts.

With this thought in mind, many tyre manufacturers have developed unique solutions to counter the issue and there are already Top 4 Best EV Tyre Companies in India.

Nevertheless, pinpointing “Which top EV Tyre Companies in India are offering Best EV Tyres”.

Before selecting the most appropriate option for the Best EV Tyres and finding Top 4 Best EV Tyre Companies in India, let’s check out some basic facts and reasons as to Why EV Tyres are Needed for EVs and How does Regular Tyres Affect the Performance of EVs?

Do You Need Special Tyres for EVs? 

According to the numerous tests undergone by electric vehicles while using regular tyres, the fact highlighted was the rapid wearing out of regular tyres, faster when compared to ICE vehicles.

Since EVs place more pressure on regular tyres than ICE vehicles, regular tyres wear out roughly 20% faster on any EV than on an ICE vehicle.

 This is because EVs are heavier in comparison like for Ford’s F-150 Lightning, it weighs 1,600 pounds more than its similar conventional F-150.

The extra weight comes mainly from using heavy batteries, thus adding more resistance to tyres as they drive.

Another sound reason for opting for Best EV Tyres from Top 4 Best EV Tyre Companies in India is the use of electric motors that delivers more torque than their gas and diesel counterparts.

Due to the instantaneous torque delivery in an EV, the electric car’s tyres feel higher and heavy pressure as the driver presses the accelerator.

What Features to Look Out for in Best EV Tyres?

TyresIn view of optimizing the Best EV Tyres from top EV Tyre Companies in India, a manufacturer or an EV car user should keep these specific features in mind while selecting an EV tyre, that includes,

  • Low rolling resistance for fewer charges
  • Low cabin noise
  • Optimizing grip due to extra torque
  • Onboard tyre data built into the vehicle’s management system
  • Ability to support heavier loads with EV batteries
  • Eco-friendly tyres to be used that are in line with EV future outlook

What Type of EV Tyres do You Require?

Quiet Tyres

One of the best quality or perks of an electric vehicle lies in the quiet pickup of the vehicle, this accounts for part of the pleasure of driving an EV in the almost silent cabin.

With negligible engine noise present, Best EV Tyres from Top 4 Best EV Tyre Companies in India offers adaptations to even small components like wing mirrors so they’re as quiet as possible.

Range Specific EV Tyres

Considering the current specifications offered in the market, the range of EVs has increased dramatically as the latest models now offer over 250 miles of use in a single charge, it’s still a lengthy process to recharge the whole electric vehicle.

To resolve this, using fit EV tyres that have a lower rolling resistance will, in turn, conserve this charge meaning the EV owner will get more mileage from their electric carLow rolling resistance EV tyres can help to extend an EVs range by up to 12%.

Comfort EV Tyres

The most significant aspect of riding a vehicle comes from the fact of how comfortable a rider is.

To have a comfortable ride in an EV, Top 4 Best EV Tyre Companies in India are now taking a closer look at low road noise due to the loss of engine noise from a combustion engine, low rolling resistance that improves the distance an EV can travel between charges, and ride comfort from a softer compound allowing for the added weight associated with batteries.

Performance EV Tyres

Since electric cars possess powerful acceleration capabilities, it requires the Best EV Tyres from Top 4 Best EV Tyre Companies in India that will react predictably allowing for steering precision & safer, shorter stopping distances vital.

The car’s maximum power is always available and the electric motor is capable of producing maximum torque from standing.

Top 4 Best EV Tyre Companies in India

With the sudden growth of EVs, several tyre manufacturers are now producing tires for EVs.

Some of the Best EV Tyres and Top 4 Best EV Tyre Companies in India brands include,


MichelinKnown as a big brand in tyre manufacturing market, Michelin tyres are the most trusted brand that designs their products as safe, fuel-efficient, and durable with a good road feel.


ContinentalAnother Best EV Tyres manufacturer is Continental. Continental has now gained international recognition for being the first to design and manufacture tires with tread patterns for improved traction and is now stepping into the electric mobility space.


DunlopKnown for its exceptional performance, Dunlop Tyres are specifically recognized on the race track. The brand has a unique track record in the 24 Hours of LeMans race, which is considered the most grueling sports car race in the world.


YokohamaRecognized as the world’s leading company in designing high-performance tyres, Yokohama is another top brand in Best EV Tyres as it capitalizes latest design technology.

Yokohama’s products have been repeatedly tested on raceways around the world.

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