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Best Electric Three-Wheeler Cargo Vehicles in India in 2023

by Aishwarya Saxena
Top 10 Electric Three-Wheeler Cargo Vehicles

Amid the bustling streets and vibrant markets of India, a quiet revolution is underway. The Electric Three-Wheeler cargo Vehicles, once a novel concept, is now a cornerstone of urban and rural logistics.

2023 has seen a notable rise in the popularity of Electric Three-Wheeler Cargo Vehicles for cargo transportation. These vehicles are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective in the long run.

Let’s explore the Top 10 Electric Three-Wheeler Cargo Vehicles that are making waves in India’s EV market in 2023.

Mahindra Treo Zor

Mahindra TreoNamed in the Top 10 Electric Three-Wheeler Cargo Vehicles, Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd has made to this list with the Treo Zor – a vehicle known for its robust design and efficient battery. Boasting a significant load capacity, it caters to a variety of cargo needs. The Treo Zor stands out for its impressive range and quick charging capabilities, making it a popular choice among businesses seeking an eco-friendly transport solution.

Piaggio Ape E-Xtra

PiaggioThe Ape E-Xtra by Piaggio marks a significant step in the evolution of electric three-wheelers. Known for its compact design, this vehicle is ideal for navigating through busy city streets. It offers a commendable range and battery technology that suits urban cargo delivery needs. The Ape E-Xtra has been instrumental in Piaggio’s growth in the EV sector. Hence, it was placed in the Top 10 Electric Three-Wheeler Cargo Vehicles in India.

Lohia Auto Narain LC

Lohia NarainLohia Auto’s entry into the electric vehicle market is marked by the Narain Cargo. This vehicle features an efficient motor and a durable battery, catering to medium-range transportation needs. This model’s cargo handling capabilities make it suitable for various small and medium-sized businesses. Lohia Auto has focused on making the Narain Cargo a cost-effective and reliable option for Indian markets; therefore, it is included in the list of Top 10 Electric Three-Wheeler Cargo Vehicles in India.

Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo

Kinetic JumboThe Safar Jumbo from Kinetic Green is a testament to the company’s commitment to renewable energy and EVs. It offers an impressive load capacity and a dependable range per charge. The Safar Jumbo is designed for energy efficiency and durability, making it a favorite among businesses requiring heavy-duty cargo transportation.

Bajaj RE EV

BajajThe Bajaj RE EV brings Bajaj’s legacy in auto manufacturing to the electric vehicle domain. With a focus on operational efficiency and user-friendly design, the RE EV is suitable for both urban and rural cargo transport. Its battery performance and range are tailored to meet the diverse needs of Indian businesses.

Atul Auto Elite Cargo

AtulAtul Auto’s Elite model stands out in the electric three-wheeler segment with its powertrain efficiency and customizable options. It offers a blend of safety and performance, making it a versatile choice for various cargo transportation needs. The Elite has carved a niche for itself in the market, gaining popularity for its reliability and efficiency.

Euler Motors HiLoad EV

Euler MotorsCounted in the list of Top 10 Electric Three-Wheeler Cargo Vehicles in India, Euler Motors’ HiLoad EV is a robust vehicle designed for diverse terrains and heavy-duty usage. It offers an excellent load capacity and is known for its energy-efficient performance. HiLoad EV has found its place in both industrial and commercial applications, praised for its adaptability and durability.

Etrio Touro Mini

Etrio MiniEtrio, known for its innovation in electric mobility solutions, is rapidly gaining recognition for its electric three-wheelers. The Touro Mini is a compact and efficient vehicle, ideal for last-mile deliveries. It comes with a robust design and is known for its low operating costs and reliable performance.

Terra Motors Pace – E cargo

Terra MotorsTerra Motors’ Pace – E Cargo is an innovative vehicle in the electric three-wheeler sector. With its efficient range and load management system, it’s tailored for urban delivery services. Pace E- Cargo combines design efficiency with a pleasant user experience, making it a sought-after choice in the market, thus known as the Top 10 Electric Three Wheelers Cargo Vehicles in India.

Altigreen neEV

AltigreenAltigreen’s commitment to clean energy is embodied in the neEV. It offers impressive battery life, payload capacity, and is equipped with technological integrations that enhance its performance. NEEV has been widely adopted in logistics and delivery services, known for its reliability and environmental friendliness.


These Top 10 Electric Three-Wheeler Cargo Vehicles in India represent a significant shift towards sustainable transportation in India. They offer practical solutions for cargo transport while contributing to environmental conservation.

As the market continues to evolve, these vehicles are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of cargo transportation in India, offering a greener, more efficient way to move goods.

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