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SGS to Conduct EMC Testing for Jaguar Land Rover

by Abdullah
SGS to Conduct EMC Testing for Jaguar Land Rover

SGS has announced a new partnership with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) following recognition by the luxury car manufacturer of its new, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) automotive testing facility at Chakan in Pune.

The state-of-the-art laboratory, which opened in November 2022, has become JLR’s first third-party independent laboratory in India. It gives SGS the green light to perform testing in accordance with JLR-EMC-CS: EMC Specification which addresses compatibility requirements for a wide spectrum of electrical and electronic components and subsystems integral to the JLR experience.

EMC is the ability of electrical equipment and systems to function correctly in their electromagnetic environment. It works by limiting the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy to reduce the risk of electromagnetic interference.

Dipjyoti Banerjee – Executive Director, SGS India, said, “SGS is extremely proud to have received this prestigious recognition from JLR. Our specialist testing teams at Pune were able to demonstrate 100% feasibility against JLR’s stringent specifications. Our commitment is to consistently adhere to OEM criteria and offer top-tier testing support across JLR’s regional and global supply chains.”

Spanning more than 2.2 acres, SGS’s state-of-the-art testing facility is strategically located in the heart of India’s expanding automotive industry. It offers a complete range of EMI/EMC tests for automotive sub-assemblies under a single roof and is equipped with shielded rooms, anechoic chambers, strip line/TEM cells, pulse generators with highly digitized and automated device under test monitoring using various transceivers, cameras and software.

SGS’s specialist testing team at Pune was able to demonstrate 100% feasibility against JLR-EMC-CS EMC specification which includes:

  • Radiated RF Emissions: RE 310
  • Conducted RF Emissions: CE 420
  • Conducted Transient Emissions: CE 410
  • RF Immunity: RI 112
  • RF Immunity: RI 114
  • RF Immunity: RI 115
  • Magnetic Field Emissions: RE 320
  • Magnetic Field Immunity: RI 140
  • Coupled Immunity: RI 130
  • Coupled Immunity: RI 150
  • Immunity from Transient Disturbances: CI 220
  • Immunity from Power Cycling: CI 230
  • Immunity to Ground Voltage Offset: CI 250
  • Immunity to Ground Voltage Offset: CI 250
  • Immunity to Low Voltage Transients: CI 265
  • Immunity to Voltage Overstress: CI 270
  • Electrostatic Discharge: CI 280

The wider scope of EMI/EMC tests undertaken at the Chakan, Pune test facility enables high-precision EMC measurements on traditional automotive electronics, high-voltage e-mobility/electric vehicle (EV) components/systems, two/three-wheeler vehicle testing and consumer electronics.

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