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Revamp Launches RM Buddie 25 E-Bike Deliveries Nationwide

by Vidushi
Revamp Launches RM Buddie 25 E-Bike Deliveries Nationwide

Revamp Moto has announced the commencement of deliveries for its highly anticipated RM Buddie 25 electric bikes. The initial consignment of these electric vehicles, crafted at Revamp Moto’s cutting-edge micro-factory located in Nashik, Maharashtra, is now being dispatched to customers across various regions of India, including Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. Concurrently, Revamp Moto is ramping up its production and delivery capabilities to meet growing demand.

Revamp Moto’s micro-factory in Nasik, the first of its kind in India and is presently working in full operational mode. Revamp’s tactical approach is making certain that more buyers will be able to witness the advantage and convenience of the environment-friendly and resourceful electric mobility shortly.

Pritesh Mahajan, CEO & Co-founder of Revamp Moto, said, “The commencement of the nationwide deliveries of our prized offering is a substantial landmark in our journey at Revamp Moto. We believe that RM Buddie 25, the modular electric two-wheeler with instant swappable attachments, carefully designed for the Indian micro-entrepreneurial community will prove to be a superior product and a catalyst for an effective change. ReadyAssist, our strategic partners will provide 24/7 automotive roadside assistance across the country, adding to our values of simplifying lives and promoting financial growth.”

Revamp Moto’s dedication to coming up with innovative ideas and establishing sustainable practices is exhibited by RM Buddie 25’s extraordinary ‘Built to Adapt’ traits. The groundbreaking technology in the vehicle enables the RM Buddie 25 with a range that exceeds 70 kilometres with a payload capacity of up to 120 kilograms, inclusive of the rider’s weight. This electric two-wheeler affirms the manufacturer’s commitment to meet the varying needs of its clientele.

Revamp Moto has already partnered with ReadyAssist to provide 24/7 automotive roadside assistance across India. This strategic partnership will reevaluate electric two-wheeler vehicle ownership with a flawless experience, as riders will be able to rely on the coverage network and prompt assistance in case of breakdowns and related emergencies.

The RM Buddie 25 comes with six modular and swappable attachments comprising a saddle bag, a hotkeep bag, an insulated bag, an insulated box, a transport carrier and a flat rack. These attributes serve the demands of industrious micro-entrepreneurs like gig workers, delivery riders and independent online retailers, enabling them to manage their businesses with enhanced efficiency while contributing to establishing an eco-friendly environment.

With the evolving dynamic of India’s electric vehicles industry, Revamp Moto remains committed to leading from the front and delivering on its pledge to supply innovation with affordability, aligning with the country’s focus on a sustainable tomorrow.

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