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NOVONIX Battery Solutions Stabilizing EV Supply Chain

NOVONIX offers ultra-high precision coulometry (UHPC) testing equipment to evaluate the performance of batteries.

by Aishwarya Saxena

Chris BurnsNOVONIX is a leading battery technology company revolutionizing the global lithium-ion battery industry with innovative, sustainable technologies, high-performance materials, and more efficient production methods.

In a recent interaction with Aishwarya, Chris Burns, CEO, NOVONIX emphasized the significance of stabilization of EV supply chain with high-quality battery materials.

As one of the leading names in energy storage sector, mention NOVONIX’s key offerings in electric vehicles and its related domain?

NOVONIX (NASDAQ: NVX, ASX: NVX) offers a range of products and solutions related to battery materials and testing, all of which are integral to the electric vehicle industry. The company is principally focused of the following business areas:

  • NOVONIX Anode Materials: A leading domestic supplier of battery-grade synthetic graphite that aims to advance the North American battery supply chain as well as accelerate the clean energy transition.
  • NOVONIX Battery Technology Solutions: Develops industry-leading, lithium-ion battery testing equipment and provides R&D services using in-house technology and data solutions.
  • NOVONIX Cathode Materials: Commercializing proprietary all-dry, zero-waste cathode synthesis technology which can reduce the environmental impact and cost of cathode production.

Battery testing is a crucial step to ensure safety. How does NOVONIX solutions ensure this and what critical steps are taken while testing the batteries?

NOVONIX offers ultra-high precision coulometry (UHPC) testing equipment to evaluate the performance of batteries. This equipment’s precision and accuracy can be used in quality control and assurance to improve battery design, assembly, material validation, and to identify anomalous behavior which can lead to safety concerns. The company also undergoes comprehensive testing protocols to assess battery performance under various conditions, including extreme temperatures and stress tests and utilizes advanced data analytics in the analysis of this performance data.

NOVONIX’s customer’s range from working on new materials to new cell designs and therefore different projects have different requirements. Regardless, all cells built for these projects go through standard quality control checks in addition to reviews of qualitative metrics, visual inspections, and data review to ensure identification of any outliers.

To further differentiate the testing and manufacturing processes, NOVONIX is actively developing AI tools that can pick up and identify outliers in testing and manufacturing data.

Recently, NOVONIX announced its collaboration with SandboxAQ. Together they will work to more accurately predict the lifespan and ideal operating conditions of lithium-ion batteries by leveraging Sandbox’s AI-driven chemical simulation platform combined with NOVONIX’s UHPC data and extensive battery science expertise.

Ensuring a steady supply of raw materials is the key to manufacture lithium-ion batteries. How does the company facilitate this supply chain and what’s the annual production capacity?

NOVONIX is currently scaling commercial production of synthetic graphite to meet the exponentially growing demand of its customers. In February 2022, NOVONIX and KORE Power entered a Supply Agreement, under which NOVONIX will be the exclusive supplier of battery graphite to KORE Power’s U.S. large scale battery cell manufacturing facility. This was NOVONIX’s first significant volume offtake agreement as the company expanded its production capacity at its new Riverside facility, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since then, NOVONIX has doubled its initial production capacity target from 10,000 tonnes of synthetic graphite per annum (tpa) to 20,000 tpa to meet surging demand and support key customers like KORE Power. In addition, the company announced a $30m investment from LG Energy Solution accompanied by the signing of a Joint Development Agreement which, if successful, is intended to lead to a 10-year term off-take for 50,000 tonnes synthetic graphite. NOVONIX plans to ramp its production capacity to 150,000 tpa to meet the estimated demand of over one million tpa in North America for anode materials.

Kindly mention some of your key clients and clients, NOVONIX supply its products to?

NOVONIX caters to a range of clients in the electric vehicle and energy storage industries, including battery manufacturers, automotive companies, and research institutions. Some publicly announced key strategic partners and clients include KORE Power, LG Energy Solution, Panasonic Energy, Samsung SDI, and Dalhousie University.

Any upcoming projects or expansion plans in APAC region the company is planning for?

Currently, NOVONIX’s primary goal is maintaining its position as a leading domestic supplier of battery-grade synthetic graphite, focused on large scale and sustainable production to advance the North American battery supply chain.

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