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NEC Remodeling Transport Segment with its Smart Solutions

NEC provides the Vehicle Planning, Scheduling & Dispatch System (VPSD), which streamlines the planning and dispatching of public transport fleets

by Aishwarya Saxena
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NECStanding at the forefront of transforming transportation and logistics through cutting-edge technologies and data-driven solutions, NEC Corporation offers a range of solutions tailored to different verticals like transportation, mobility, networking, electronics sector and more.

In a recent talk with Aishwarya, Pankaj Bhatiya, General Manager – Transportation Business, NEC Corporation India, discussed on how NEC’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is playing a pivotal role for UPSRTC (Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) buses in bringing about significant improvements in efficiency, safety, and overall passenger experience.

As a renowned leader in integrating IT and network technologies, what solutions does NEC offer in the Smart Transportation segment?

NEC, a recognized leader in the integration of IT and network technologies, provides a range of solutions tailored to the Transportation sector. Specifically, we offer an Intelligent Transit Management System (ITMS) designed to cater to various public transport operators and fleet owners. Within the framework of ITMS, NEC offers essential solutions aimed at enhancing the efficiency and operation of public transportation systems.

One of these solutions is our Automatic Vehicle Locating System (AVLS). AVLS captures real-time data on the whereabouts of buses as they navigate their routes. This data is then disseminated to passengers through displays at bus stops, within the buses, on websites, and via mobile apps. AVLS offers valuable insights to public transport operators, aiding in fleet planning, performance assessment, and the delivery of improved services.

Additionally, NEC provides the Vehicle Planning, Scheduling & Dispatch System (VPSD), which streamlines the planning and dispatching of public transport fleets. VPSD assists transport planners in efficiently managing routes, schedules, and dispatches, resulting in optimized asset utilization and enhanced service delivery.

NEC’s Depot Management System (DMS) automates depot operations for public transit systems. It records and manages various activities related to fleet operations, ensuring seamless functionality from the moment a bus or crew enters the depot until their departure.

We also offer an Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS) and Payment Solutions. The AFCS simplifies fare collection processes, improving both passenger satisfaction and operational efficiency. It supports various payment methods, including smart cards, mobile tickets, and paper tickets, promoting cashless transactions and seamless payments across different transport operators. Notably, NEC’s award-winning Surat Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system has greatly streamlined citywide commuting, offering contactless Rupay-based smart cards designed to enhance the daily travel experience for approximately 200,000 commuters.

To bolster overall safety and security, NEC presents an Incident Management System (IMS) that incorporates physical surveillance through CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. These strategically placed cameras monitor and respond to incidents effectively.

NEC’s Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards provide actionable insights through data analysis and reporting. These dashboards empower public transport operators to make informed decisions and optimize their services for greater efficiency.

Furthermore, NEC offers user-friendly mobile apps and web portals, catering to both operators and commuters. These platforms grant convenient access to information, booking services, and real-time updates, enhancing the overall passenger experience.

Lastly, NEC offers a central command and control system for comprehensive fleet operation monitoring, ensuring the optimal use of transport assets. With this end-to-end ITMS solution, public transport operators can deliver efficient, customer-centric, and technologically advanced services within the ever-evolving transportation landscape.

India is poised to become the fourth largest automobile industry in the world. However, its rapid economic growth has been causing trouble for the country’s aging Transportation infrastructure, kindly share your views on the same and how is NEC planning to ease this deadlock?

In India, public transport has traditionally fallen under the purview of local city governments operating at the state level. Historically, this segment has suffered from a lack of adequate funding, resulting in limited technological advancements. However, recent years have witnessed a notable shift. Several public transport operators have successfully embraced technology, including Integrated Transit Management Systems (ITMS), thanks to funding support from central government initiatives such as the Smart City Mission and the Nirbhaya Fund.

Additionally, several state governments have secured funding from international institutions like the World Bank. Furthermore, there is a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability and the reduction of pollution in urban areas. In response to this, the government has not only focused on technology and automation but also on transitioning public transport fleets to Electric Vehicles in the coming years. A significant development in this regard is the recent approval by the Government of India to roll out 10,000 EV buses across multiple cities over the next five years.

While India’s rapid economic growth has posed challenges for its transportation infrastructure, the government’s initiatives and the increasing adoption of technology offer promising solutions. As a silent crusader for over 70+ years, NEC India has leveraged its technological prowess and experience for India’s burgeoning cities. With its cutting-edge technologies and a track record of successful ITMS implementations in numerous large-scale bus projects worldwide, NEC is well-positioned to be the preferred IT partner for the GOI in this ambitious EV bus initiative. Our expertise in providing state-of-the-art solutions for public transportation aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of India’s transport landscape.

Chosen as the master system integrator by UPSRTC for safety issues in buses, how is NEC solutions enhancing traveling experience?

At NEC, we are privileged to have been chosen as the master system integrator by UPSRTC, tasked with enhancing safety and elevating the travel experience for passengers, with special attention to the well-being of women and children, across approximately 5000 UPSRTC buses. Our aim remains constant as we strive to digitally transform India’s transport sector – to ensure safer and smarter journeys for all through our advanced technologies. This project, under the Nirbhaya scheme, serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technological solutions that prioritize both safety and passenger comfort.

Our comprehensive solution encompasses live bus tracking via a centralized command control center. This real-time monitoring system not only guarantees passenger safety and security but also provides an efficient mechanism for responding swiftly to emergency situations. The integration of panic buttons within these buses adds an additional layer of security, affording passengers the means to seek assistance, when necessary, particularly benefiting the safety of women and children.

Furthermore, we have implemented a Passenger Information System (PIS) with displays at 100 depots. This technological advancement significantly enriches the overall customer travel experience. Passengers can conveniently access current information regarding bus routes, schedules, and estimated arrival times, all conveniently displayed at these depots. This enhancement in information accessibility ensures a smoother and more convenient journey for all travelers.

What other projects can we expect in India’s fleet and Transportation sector from NEC in coming times?

NEC has been at the forefront of pioneering transformative projects across the globe, and India is no exception. We’re driving innovations like the Intelligent Transportation System for UPSRTC Buses in Uttar Pradesh, a groundbreaking initiative that’s set to transform public transport by enhancing safety and transparency.

Our global footprint includes ventures like partnering with Mowasalat in Qatar for an Intelligent Transportation Management System, which played a pivotal role during a major international event. In Makkah, NEC’s solutions supported pilgrims, ensuring a smoother and more efficient travel experience.

Furthermore, India Smart Cities Award Contest (ISAC) 2022 recognizes NEC India’s Innovative Mobility Solutions in Surat.  Surat’s Automatic Bus Fare Collection System sets a benchmark for sustainable and efficient urban transportation across the nation

These accomplishments underscore NEC’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing transportation and improving the lives of people worldwide. We’re excited to bring our wealth of experience and cutting-edge technology to continue shaping India’s transportation landscape.

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