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Log9 & ETO Motors Partner for e3ws Battery Solutions

by Vidushi
Log9 & ETO Motors Partner for e3ws Battery Solutions

Log9 Materials has partnered with ETO Motors, to provide sustainable and reliable battery solutions for the e3w manufacturer.

Log9 Materials’ batteries will be retrofitted into ETO Motors’ e3Ws, replacing the 2-3 year old batteries. According to the press announcement, this improvement will considerably increase the range, economy, and overall performance of ETO Motors’ e3Ws while also decreasing their environmental imprint.

ETO Motors will benefit from Log9 Materials’ innovative Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) concept, which eliminates the need for an upfront investment in battery purchasing. Under this arrangement, Log9 Materials will manage and maintain the batteries, assuring peak performance and prompt replacement. This will increase ETO Motors’ flexibility and affordability, allowing them to focus on their main business activities.

Log9 Materials steps in to power up ETO Motors’ 300 e3Ws with their advanced battery tech, promising extended life and boosted performance. Through an innovative BaaS model, ETO Motors will save upfront costs for batteries, gaining financial flexibility.

Pankaj Sharma, Co-Founder, Log9 Materials, said, “The collaboration between Log9 and ETO Motors marks a pivotal advancement in the implementation of Battery as a Service (BaaS) within the battery replacement segment. The acquisition of replacement batteries poses a substantial hurdle for fleets and OEMs due to limited financing options available in the market. This scarcity complicates the procurement process significantly.”

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