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LEAD Turnkey Battery Solutions Reshaping EV Sector

We are market leading in Asia already, but speaking for India we will open an office in Bangalore very soon to also serve our clients locally.

by Aishwarya Saxena
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Hannes-WeinmannAs a renowned leader in new energy equipment, LEAD Intelligent Equipment offers one of the largest turnkey solutions of Li-ion battery.

Over the years, LEAD R&D investment is constantly maintained over 11% of the revenue, and has obtained more than 2,200 authorized patents. In an interactive session with Aishwarya on the grounds of The Battery Show 2023, Dr.-Ing. Hannes Weinmann, Head of Pre-Sales and New Technology Exploration, LEAD talks about the key challenges Indian battery ecosystem is facing and how LEAD’s solutions can reshape the EV battery market of India.

Tell us briefly about LEAD’s key portfolio, and what are the USPs of your solutions?

LEAD Intelligent Equipment is one of the few turnkey suppliers, which means that we do not focus on a single product but rather provide a solution for the whole line.

Our solutions have many USPs according to each of the equipment but in the context of new and fast-growing markets like India, our customers especially benefit from our rich expertise in how to set up a whole battery production plant and not just a single machine. We support them with line layout, process planning and the integration of all the equipment into the factory’s ecosystem. Furthermore, we have mastered certain core technologies like laser, vision systems, enabling us to increase production efficiency and product quality.

What are the key challenges the Indian battery ecosystem is facing currently, and how does LEAD plan to customize its solutions for Indian clients?

Batteries have been made in India for many years and we can see this experience in the Indian market too. However, the lithium ion battery production process has a high complexity regarding the setup and operation of the plants. Lead helps clients in India with this process as we can customize our solutions for their specific needs and we can therefore reduce their time to market significantly.

Do you offer customized solutions? 

Basically, all LEAD’s solutions are kind of customized because the product from the customer is usually designed by a design engineer for that specific product. We also adapt our solutions according to the product design, and processes in terms of, let’s say, quality inspection and so on.

Integration of next-gen technologies like AI and IoT in the automotive segment is the future of mobility. Kindly share your view on the same.

In terms of equipment manufacturer for the production equipment, we are utilizing artificial intelligence on several levels, let’s say in machine line and plant processes. We are using AI technology to detect potential problems with drives for example or to trace back route causes for quality issues.

Any upcoming projects or expansion plans in APAC region, specifically in India?

We are a market leader in Asia already, but speaking for India we will open an office in Bangalore very soon to also serve our clients locally.

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