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LAVOIE Series 1 Electric Scooter Adds New Layer to Urban Mobility

McLaren Applied’s LAVOIE is committed to improving personal mobility.

by Aishwarya Saxena

McLaren Applied subsidiary, LAVOIE has rolled out Series 1 electric scooter, created using supercar and cutting-edge global racing engineering excellence.

LAVOIEMcLaren Applied’s LAVOIE is committed to improving personal mobility.

The Series 1 is an e-scooter, but like none ever seen before, thanks to LAVOIE’s user-centric design strategy. Its speed, supercar-standard quality, robustness, stability, safety, and range are designed to make public transport an irrelevance to owners.

Perhaps its most defining and iconic feature is LAVOIE’s patented one-touch Flowfold™ system.

Designed with rider convenience at the forefront and inspired by the suspension system found on racing machines at the pinnacle of motorsport, a single press of a button folds the front and rear wheel hinges and collapses the stem, achieving the greatest possible reduction in size while maintaining a large and stable deck for when in use.

Complementing the Flowfold™ system’s amazing foldability is the fact that the Series 1 is made of automotive-standard magnesium, ensuring a total weight of just 16.5kg. Carrying it into offices, meetings, and homes is simple and easy, eliminating concerns of theft and adding convenience to every journey.

The Series 1 also features indicators which are activated from the ergonomically designed handlebars.

LAVOIE’s Series 1 is by any standards an amazing looking piece of engineering with outstanding performance to match.

The Series 1 is born from McLaren Applied’s pioneering innovation in motorsport and electrification, ensuring it has been engineered and built to the same high standards as a supercar and infused with technology inspired by cutting-edge motorsport machines. But to create an e-scooter that also sets new standards of rider-first functionality and beautiful design required expertise from the micro-mobility field.

Enter McLaren Applied chairman Nick Fry, whose spectacular motorsport career includes multiple Drivers and Constructors Championships in Formula 1. Nick is the former co-owner and CEO of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team, and it was under his leadership that Honda secured its first Grand Prix win with Jenson Button in Hungary in 2006.

It was Nick who found the final piece of the puzzle; LAVOIE co-founders Eliott Wertheimer and Albert Nassar.

McLaren Applied chairman Nick Fry said: “To make this project a reality I wanted to find the very best talent from the world of micro-mobility, and that’s what led me to Eliott and Albert. They possess a prodigal talent for engineering and design. This, combined with their passion for creating smart, sustainable mobility solutions, makes them the perfect fit for McLaren Applied. Together we have created something truly game-changing in the Series 1.”

LAVOIE co-founder Eliott Wertheimer said: “We wanted to make a vehicle that’s reliable, faultlessly functional, powerful, stylish, full of state-of-the-art technology – and built the way you would a car or a motorcycle. We knew we could do this by combining our own expertise and experience with a company that operates at the highest level in the fields of automotive, motorsport and electronics.”

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