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KULR Technology Group Signs MoU with Forge Nano

Just last month, KULR announced it secured a third order for automated battery cell screening services from NASA.

by Vidushi

KULR Technology Group has signed an MoU with Forge Nano, a leader in precision nanocoating technology.

Forge NanoThe strategic partnership, initially estimated at US $3.5 million to US $5 million, will combine KULR ONE Design Solutions offerings that include cell characterization and advanced automated battery cell screening capabilities with Forge Nano’s proprietary Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) coating process, tactically deploying the respective companies’ breakthroughs to OEM partners’ batteries with unmatched safety and efficiency.

This strategic partnership will start with an assessment of Forge Nano’s premium battery cells for space and US Department of Defense (DoD) applications employing KULR’s automated cell screening to measure voltage, temperature, and impedance of individual battery cells, analyzing the data to identify potential issues and optimizing battery cell performance compliant within the strict NASA flight specification EP-WI-037 crucial for ensuring safety and reliability.

Just last month, KULR announced it secured a third order for automated battery cell screening services from NASA.

The Company’s modular screening technology allows for ease of scalability as will be required for the upcoming partnership as volume of screened cells increases.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Energy announced it intends to make available a second round of funding to support U.S. battery production and recycling.

The announcement of this additional $3 billion in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding is welcome news to American businesses seeking to produce North American–made batteries.

This partnership is well positioned to ensure that US-based battery production value chain redefines industry standards in battery safety and performance.

Forge Nano, with its commitment to piloting American-made batteries, has been at the forefront of exploring diverse silicon materials for enhanced battery application. Their vision and commitment align seamlessly with KULR’s recognized space-proven solutions and comprehensive market presence in energy storage systems, e-mobility, transportation logistics, battery safety testing, vibration reduction services and aerospace and defense applications.

Earlier this year, Forge Nano raised US$ 50 million to build out battery production lines to meet growing demand.

To date the Colorado-based company has raised over $95 million, supporting the buildout of a new 1 GWh (gigawatt-hour) battery production line to satisfy increased demand for its premium battery cells.

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