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IONAGE & SundayGrids Unveils Solar EV Charging Revolution

by Vidushi
IONAGE & SundayGrids Unveils Solar EV Charging Revolution

IONAGE has collaborated with SundayGrids, a digital solar platform, to launch a revolutionary Digital Solar-based EV Charging Platform. This unique technology enables electric vehicle (EV) owners to effortlessly charge their vehicles with solar electricity at any time and from any location.

Since its establishment in 2021, IONAGE has emerged as a driving force in assisting Charge Point Operators (CPOs), enterprises, and electric vehicle (EV) owners in their quest for sustainable mobility.

With 3000 charge stations now aboard countrywide, IONAGE plans to add another 3000 in the following two quarters and reach 100,000 charge points by 2028.

The Digital Solar-based EV Charging Platform sets itself apart by allowing EV owners to subscribe to and utilise digital solar credits for home chargers and across all networks linked to the IONAGE platform. This platform not only benefits EV owners but also offers opportunities for Charging Point Operators (CPOs) to connect with IONAGE’s extensive user base and facilitate digital solar-based charging in their network.

Vimal Kumar, the co-founder and CEO of IONAGE Technologies, affirmed the company’s dedication to addressing crucial gaps in India’s pursuit of achieving net-zero emissions.

The Digital Solar-based EV Charging Platform is a testament to their dedication to accelerating sustainable mobility adoption and supporting India’s ambitious carbon emissions goals.

Mathew Samuel, co-founder of SundayGrids, highlighted their pride in collaborating with IONAGE to pioneer India’s first Digital Solar-based EV Charging Platform, revolutionizing the accessibility and perception of solar energy as well as empowering individuals and businesses to embrace clean energy solutions.

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