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EV Sales in India Between Jan-May 2022 – Analysis!

Starting from January to May 2022, a total of 3,17,830 EVs were sold in India.

by Aishwarya Saxena

Sales of EVsElectric Vehicles (EVs) segment have demonstrated unprecedented growth in sales in the last few years as the masses switch their preferences towards cleaner mobility.

Gaining a clearer picture on the statistics of EV market sales and its growth in the last five months, EVreporter.com has published a recent report on region wise EV sales spanning from January to May 2022.

Starting from January to May 2022, a total of 3,17,830 EVs were sold in India.

Out of which high speed electric 2Ws accounted for 61% of unit sales, e-3Ws stand at 33% and e-4Ws accounted 4% of EVs sold at that time.

Going region wise, the top states who recorded highest sales during this time were Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Recording 83% (44,042) of EVs sold in Uttar Pradesh were e-3Ws that were later followed by e-2Ws with 8, 586 (16%) sales.

Also, Lucknow exhibited highest EV sales share in Uttar Pradesh region with 5,705 units sold followed by Kanpur and Allahabad having sold 3,793 units and 2,026 units of e-3Ws.

Contrary to Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra was dominated by e-2Ws followed by e-4Ws with 4,375 (10%) units.

And e-3Ws only recorded 4% (1,985) of EVs sales in the region.

Another state that showed high EV sales was Bangalore City of Karnataka with highest EV sales share of 57% (20,059 units) followed by Mysore and Mandya having sales of 1,610 and 1,182 units respectively and is dominated by e-2Ws.

States Distribution According to EV Sales

Acing the highest position in terms of sales Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu accounted for 48% of all high-speed e-2Ws that were sold from January to May 2022.

 On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Assam recorded maximum EVs sales in e-3W category with sales shares of 41%, 13% and 13% respectively.

Demonstrating the highest recorded sales in terms of e-4Ws with 4,375 units (35%), Maharashtra topped the sales chart followed by Delhi and Kerala with 2,110 units (17%) and 1,379 (11%) respectively.

Lastly, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi recorded high e-bus sales with 197, 186 and 186 units sold by May 2022.

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