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Green Up Your Festive Season with Revamp Moto!

by Abdullah

Revamp Moto has issued a clarion call this festive season to contribute to India’s green ambitions by thinking ‘green’, doing ‘green’ in everything that you do and most importantly going ‘green’ during this festive season.

Green Up Your Festive Season with Revamp MotoEach year as the festive season rolls around, the gifts we give should reflect love, care, and appreciation. But now, given rapidly rising prices and the dangerous precipice that our environment is balancing on, we also need to factor in economics and sustainability. The concerns around the damage being done to the environment, increasing pollution levels and other carbo-emitting hazards add another level of complexity to the gifting process.

The Government is doing its part by going above and beyond in its efforts to encourage corporates to switch to clean and green energy towards meeting its green energy goals. One such corporate, Nashik – headquartered, Made-in-India, Modular Utility Electric Vehicle manufacturer, Revamp Moto is proud to partner with the Government on this journey and is inviting all customers especially the vast micro entrepreneurial community to learn all about the benefits and how to become a proud owner of a Revamp Moto Buddie

Pritesh Mahajan, CEO & Co-founder of Revamp Moto said, “Climate change is a very real fast-growing problem across the world. Each year during every festive season, families look to make that one big purchase for the year. And with sustainability now reigning supreme in the minds of people, purchasing any of our best-in-class EVs will benefit customers in multiple ways. We at Revamp are extremely proud to be contributing to India’s ‘Green’ journey and are confident that every customer who learns about the benefits of our product portfolio will be ready to purchase one, especially the country-wide vast micro-entrepreneurial network. Combined with great benefits and access to affordable finance, not only will this benefit our customer by getting a best-in-class product, but they will also become in their own way, a ‘Green Warrior’ for the country.”

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