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Exclusive Talk with Anil Aggarwal | MD| Compage Automation

by Aishwarya Saxena
Anil Aggarwal Compage

Specializing in electric powertrain and its parts, Compage Automation Pvt Ltd is among one of the top notch manufacturer of BLDC Motors that is widely used in E-Rickshaw and other electric vehicles.

The company has been successfully delivering Servo motors, Servo drives, VFD and DC drives in all parts of India as well as other countries. Talking on the same, Aishwarya had a brief chat with Anil Aggarwal, MD, Compage Automation systems Pvt Ltd. on his views on EV components segment.

  • Mention Comapge’s latest e-mobility offerings and how does their products set them apart from their competitors in e-mobility segment?

In 3W L3 segment now Compage is offering motor with external hall sensor assembly. This reduces the fault occurrence drastically. Compage has Integrated Power Train IPT for L5. It is one package having all parts like controller, motor, gearbox and differential and is very price competitive and compact. For two-wheelers, Compage provides proven motor in 2 KW to 5 KW specially designed to give most optimum performance. The presentation/photographs are also enclosed.

  • As the auto components are witnessing major demand in the automotive sector currently, how does Compage’s electric drivetrain and BLDC motors enhances the efficiency of EVs?

Practical solution which may make the performance viable should have low watt hour consumption. Compage offers proven solutions, already tested and accepted by the industry.

  • With the switch towards a greener and sustainable auto industry, how is Compage eyeing this space?

Compage want to be major player in the drive train. This is because of long experience of 30 years and core strength in the line. Compage has already delivered more than 60000 motors so far.

  • Regarding customization according to the client’s requirements, what specific support and after-sales services do Compage offers to its clients?

Standard products may not require customization. But still each OEM may have some specialty in the final packaging and part integration. Compage offers complete support end to end as desired by the customer.

  • Any upcoming expansion plans or project the company is working on?

It’s a threshold point for Compage. Our customers are clearing ICAT/ARAI one by one. This year, Compage has planned to put up a plant capacity of 100K motors per month.

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