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All You Need to Know About Electric Car Maintenance

Electric Car Maintenance Costs are also more cost-effective as it saves their owners cash on an ongoing basis on a long-term basis.

by Aishwarya Saxena

EV MaintenanceChasing the footprints of industry leaders toward adopting next-generation vehicles, the majority of car owners are now attracted to the prospect of owning an electric vehicle.

Entranced with the idea of standing out of the crowd while embracing the latest technology at its fingertips which is cost-effective in the long run, the market of electric vehicles has soared to new heights in the last couple of years.

Keeping other things aside, another major advantage of owning an electric vehicle is the easy maintenance of electric vehicles, especially electric cars due to a variety of reasons.

And though electric vehicles (EVs) may still cost more than their conventionally powered counterparts, they are generally less expensive in terms of fuel via affordable home charging.

In retrospect, Electric Car Maintenance Costs are also more cost-effective as it saves their owners cash on an ongoing basis on a long-term basis.

Still, Electric Car Maintenance Cost is not completely negligible.

According to the majority of automotive manufacturers, Electric Car owners should follow a series of periodic checks and services to keep the vehicle’s warranty in effect.

If the driver doesn’t follow the recommended schedule, Electric Car Maintenance may not give the desired results if the service is delayed long enough.

Nevertheless, before explaining the nuances of Electric Car Maintenance Costs and the Types of EV Components that need maintenance, let’s talk about the perks of servicing an Electric Car and why we need it in the first place.

How Much is Electric Car Maintenance Cost?

Electric Car Maintenance CostsBeing the center of attraction, Electric Car Maintenance though eliminates over two-dozen mechanical components that would require periodic service, some parts of the vehicle like the battery, motor and tyres need periodic servicing to maintain the performance.

Still compared to a conventional ICE-based car owner, an EV driver can avoid having to pay for minor servicing things like tune-ups, cooling system flushes, oil changes, transmission servicing, and replacing the air filter, spark plugs and also drive belts.

Estimating the overall EV maintenance costs, electric vehicle owners spend roughly one-third of what conventionally powered automotive owners do for regular service.

Electric Car Maintenance has precedence over ICE one because,

  • EV battery, motor, and associated electronics require negligible regular maintenance
  • Fewer fluids, like engine oil, are required to regulate Electric Car Maintenance.
  • Brake wear is also significantly reduced due to regenerative braking
  • Lot fewer moving parts are present relative to a conventional fuel engine.

Apart from the above-mentioned perks, the major components that require immediate attention during Electric Car Maintenance include,


In Electric Car Maintenance Cost, special emphasis is made on electric vehicle-specific tyres that assist with acceleration and make lesser noise. By maintaining EV tyres, drivers can ensure low rolling resistance, which puts less strain on the battery pack.


Usually, EVs come with a regenerative braking system that utilizes the energy generated from slowing down the car and transfers it to the battery pack. These brakes helps to extend the car’s range and also enhances the longevity of the braking system.

Battery Pack

Battery packs of electric cars are considered to be highly robust. However, one should follow the charging and maintenance recommendations given by the manufacturer. Moreover, we must follow these tips for Electric Car Maintenance Costs.


Typically, every electric-based vehicle needs coolants to cool down battery packs. Regular checks of the EV should be done by a professional to check the condition of the cooling system. Also, EV owners should follow the user manual regarding the Electric Car Maintenance Cost of its brakes.

ICE-Based Car Vs Electric Car Maintenance Costs

EVMajor factors that make EV Maintenance more worry-free than maintaining petrol or diesel cars are,

Minimal Powertrain Maintenance

As electric cars run on electric motors, electric car motor practically doesn’t require any maintenance unless any specific issue comes up which is not the case with an ICE-based engine.

Usually, ICE-based fuel engine needs regular maintenance like fluid changes, tune-ups, repairs and replacements of parts like timing belts, drive belts, etc.

Fewer Brake Repairs

RepairAnother maintenance perk of EVs over conventional fuel-based cars is the reduction of braking system services. Typically, electric cars use regenerative brakes that reverse the energy that is generated from decelerating the wheels to the battery pack.

Simple Transmission Maintenance

In Electric Car Maintenance, simpler gearboxes are employed as instant torque from the electric motor removes the need for a traditional multi-speed gearbox. Therefore, most EVs come with a single-speed gearbox.

Moreover, the simplicity of an EV transmission makes it much easier for EV users for EV Maintenance Cost. Some of the next-generation EVs don’t even mention gearbox servicing in their maintenance manuals.

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