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Top 6 Electric Bus Operators in India 2023

by Aishwarya Saxena
Electric Bus Manufacturers in India

Crowned as the future of the automotive world, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are making a groundbreaking entry into every transportation sector, electrifying the roads, skies, and beyond with their innovative presence. Following this emerging trend, various automobile giants have made their debuts in the electric bus segment.

The electric bus market in India is undergoing significant growth, driven by a combination of factors including governmental efforts to electrify public transportation, increasing population, urbanization, and a growing emphasis on reducing pollution and emissions.

In 2023, the Indian electric bus market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.61%, indicating a dynamic and expanding sector. The market is fairly consolidated, with a few key companies holding a significant share. Let’s take a deeper dive at the list of some of the Top 6 Electric Bus Manufacturers in India.

Top 6 Electric Bus Manufacturers in India 2023

Here is a detailed look at the Top 6 Electric Bus Manufacturers in India as of 2023,

PMI Electric MobilityPMI Electro Mobility:

PMI Electro Mobility is a prominent electric bus manufacturer in India, operating more than 777 electric buses across various cities. Their buses, powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries, offer a range of up to 300 kilometers per charge. The PMI Foton model, in particular, has a seating capacity of 30+D and a 180 km range. Hence, it will be named one of the Top 6 Electric Bus Manufacturers in India in 2023.

OlectraOlectra GreenTech: 

Known as one of the notable names in Top 6 Electric Bus Manufacturers in India, Olectra offers several electric buses model, including the K6 E-Bus, K7 E-Bus, and K9 E-Bus. Olectra buses are known for their innovative and sustainable solutions, with a seating capacity of 39+D and a range of 200 kilometers.

Switch MobilitySwitch Mobility: 

A subsidiary of Ashok Leyland, Switch Mobility focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions. Their e1 electric bus has a seating capacity of 40+D and a range of 390 kilometers, powered by a 400kWh NMC battery. Thus, it is placed in the list of the Top 6 Electric Bus Manufacturers in India.

Mytrah Mobility: 

Based in Gurugram, Mytrah Mobility has secured a $1 billion investment from the Green Climate Fund for financing electric buses and related infrastructure, hence securing its place in Top 6 Electric Bus Manufacturers in India in 2023.

JBMJBM Motors: 

JBM Motors is known for its advanced technology and high-quality electric buses. Their Ecolife Electric Bus has a seating capacity of 42+D and is equipped with a lithium-ion liquid-cooled battery system.

VE CommercialsVE Commercial Vehicles Ltd: 

A joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors, VE Commercial Vehicles offers the Skyline Pro electric bus with a seating capacity of 32+D and a range of up to 300 km, thus being counted in the list of the Top 6 Electric Bus Manufacturers in India.

Highly Anticipated Electric Bus Models in 2024

In 2024, the electric bus market is set to witness the introduction of innovative models that promise to revolutionize public transportation with their eco-friendly and advanced features.

Here are detailed insights into three upcoming electric buses:

2024 Volvo 7900 Electric Bus:

Electric Powertrain: It features an advanced electric powertrain system, eliminating the use of fossil fuels and reducing emissions.

Range and Charging: Designed for urban transit systems, it offers a substantial range on a single charge.

Design and Comfort: The emphasis is on passenger comfort with a spacious and ergonomic interior layout.

Safety Features: Includes modern safety systems like ABS, ESC, and collision avoidance systems.

Environmental Impact: It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and operates quietly, thus reducing noise pollution.

Overall: this bus exemplifies Volvo’s commitment to sustainable and efficient urban mobility.

BYD C10MS Electric Bus:

Eco-Friendly Propulsion System: Powered by advanced lithium-ion battery technology, it offers emission-free transport.

Extended Range and Charging: Promises an extended range with rapid charging technology.

Intelligent Energy Management: Features an energy management system for optimized power distribution.

Passenger Experience: Focuses on comfort with a spacious interior and advanced climate control.

Safety Systems: Equipped with advanced driver assistance systems for enhanced safety.

Overall: the C10MS stands as a beacon of innovation in sustainable urban mobility​​.

Ebusco 3.0–12 M Electric Buses:

Powertrain and Performance: Utilizes an all-electric powertrain with zero emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.

Interior Design and Comfort: Offers a spacious, ergonomic, and welcoming interior with ample seating.

Advanced Features and Technology: Comes with an innovative infotainment system, USB charging ports, and enhanced safety features.

Exterior Design: Features a sleek and modern design with large windows for panoramic views.

Availability: Expected to be available for purchase or lease in select markets by 2024.

Overall: Aims to set new standards for sustainable and comfortable public transportation​​

These upcoming models showcase the evolving landscape of public transportation, focusing on sustainability, passenger comfort, and advanced technology, signaling a significant step towards cleaner and more efficient urban mobility.

The electric bus market in India is rapidly evolving, with a range of manufacturers offering innovative and sustainable transportation solutions.

Under the government’s support, coupled with technological advancements and increased environmental awareness, some of the Top Electric Bus Manufacturers in India have propelled this market towards significant growth, making it a key segment in the global shift towards cleaner transportation​​​​​​​​​​​​.

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