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E-Sprinto’s Electric Scooter: Rapo & Roamy Unveiling on Nov 21st

by Abdullah

E-Sprinto, India’s fastest-growing electric two-wheeler brand is all set to revolutionize urban commuting by unveiling 2 new electric scooters Rapo and Roamy, broadening its product lineup to 6 models with a total of 18 variants. Scheduled for unveiling on 21st November, these two environmentally friendly scooters are designed to cater to both environmentally conscious consumers and electric scooter enthusiasts.

E-Sprinto's Electric Scooter: Rapo & Roamy Unveiling on Nov 21stE-Sprinto’s innovative electric scooters will be available pan India for immediate delivery after their grand debut. With an affordable price tag, these scooters appeal to a diverse range of customers, encouraging the uptake of environmentally friendly commuting solutions. Boasting an impressive mileage of 100 km/full charge, enhanced safety features, and unmatched performance, the two new electric scooters are poised to set new standards for electric vehicles.

Atul Gupta, Co-Founder & Director of e-Sprinto, expressed his excitement, said “At e-Sprinto, we have been relentlessly committed to expanding our product portfolio and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our latest addition, Rapo and Roamy electric scooters, is a testament to our dedication to providing eco-friendly, high-performance mobility solutions. What sets them apart is not just their advanced features and build quality, but also their incredible affordability and the ability to effectively address range anxiety. These two-wheeled marvels open up the world of electric mobility to a wider audience, making sustainability accessible without compromising on quality.”

Interested buyers have the opportunity to reserve these scooters at any authorized e-Sprinto dealership showroom. While e-Sprinto’s immediate focus is on these consumer scooters, the company is actively exploring the possibility of launching B2B scooters next year, further solidifying its position in the electric two-wheeler mobility sector. To complement its growing network of dealerships across the country, the EV two-wheeler brand recently collaborated with the iconic charitable organization, Being Human, to sell their e-cycles through all its showrooms.

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