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Haryana Based EV Charging Startup Bids High in Indian EV Sector

The prime focus of the company is on product Innovation and customer satisfaction.

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E-Fill Electric EV ChargersThe E-Fill Electric is the only start-up working for the complete EV Eco-System. They have developed innovative and reliable products with an expert team, having more than 10 years of experience from major OEMs like Mahindra Electric, Tata Motors, Yamaha, MapMyIndia, Revolt, Bajaj, Goenka, ETO Motors, etc. The prime focus of the company is on product Innovation and customer satisfaction. Their product portfolio includes EV Chargers(Slow / Moderate / Fast), Cloud based CMS, E-Fill Mobile Application and Electric Three Wheelers ( E-Rickshaw – Passenger/Loader and L5 Autos). While talking with Nitisha from BISinfotech; Mayank Jain, Founder & CEO, E-Fill Electric (EFEV Charging Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) elaborates the challenges in EV industry and the role of Indian government.

Kindly explain E-Fill Electric and its special offerings?

E-Fill Electric is a bootstrapped startup which is aiming to become a complete ecosystem provider to boost the growth of electric vehicle in India. E-Fill has wide range of product offerings:

  • EV Chargers: AC001, SmartPlug, Portable charger, Type 2 (7/22 kW), CCS 2 (15 / 30 / 60 kW)
  • EV: Hauler & Hauler + (E-Rickshaw-Loader) , Muver & Muver + (E-Rickshaw-Passenger), and L5 E-Auto Passenger/Loader under R&D.
  • Software: Mobile Application (iOS & Android) for online charger booking process, CMS, IOT.

How do you define E-Fill Electric when compared with other charging stations companies?

E-Fill Electric is end to end solution provider when compared to any other charging station companies. E-Fill Electric has its own manufactured & Assembled EV Chargers, In-house Application & CMS, Installation and Commissioning of EV Chargers. E-Fill has EV Chargers for every need.

After pandemic, what was the market situation and what will be your plans for future growth?

Pandemic was a tough time for humanity in general but when you look at fact- During lockdowns- the overall pollution has reduced drastically which definitely made everybody realized the importance of healthy & pollution free environment and as result we saw a great boost in the growth EVs in all segments. To help the EV user to travel distance, E-Fill has installed 60+ EV Chargers & electrified lots of tourist place and their connecting highways from Delhi like Manali, Shimla, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Nanital, Jaipur and other major locations. We have aim to electrify more connecting highways and tourist locations along with that we will be supply our EV Charger to other CPOs & EV Companies as an OEM to boost the expansion to different geographies in India and abroad.

What are your marketing strategies for the year 2022?

E-Fill has already installed more than 65 chargers in North India and now is moving more aggressively with few MOUs and TIE-UPs and now started onboarding our master franchise partners PAN India.

As the Indian government has extensive plans for EV and charging stations in India, what are your expectations? Please explain.

First, we would like to thank Indian Government for their extensive plan for EV & rock solid vision toward Pollution free India, which has definitely on the right track and pushing more EVs in market day by day. Providing Fame subsidy on EVs has built more confidence in OEM & EV Owners. And regarding the EV Chargers Subsidized EV meter tariff which reduce the overall cost per unit. But of course, yeh dil maange more: We would request our Indian Government to create certain mandate like every society, commercial complex & parking, mall & government space / offices should have at least 1 DC & 1 AC EV Charger to help EV owner to travel without a second thought and would help in reducing range anxiety which would lead to increase of EV adoption and help Government to achieve their goal faster.

Is there any special offering you want to highlight?

Apart from the EV charger offering to individual, CPO and other OEMs, E-Fill has opened up for Master State Franchise for EV charger and dealership for electric 3 wheelers. Sales of E-Fill Electric 3 Wheelers (Hauler/ Hauler + & Muver/ Muver +) would start from DDMMYY.

Challenges and scopes in this segment and your USP to be the upfront winner?

Challenges are common when anybody tries to do something new, we have also faced several challenges when we were looking for the right location to install our EV charger like societies restriction for EV charger, right load & earthing availability, while availing EV meter and lot more. But the beauty of being a bootstrapped startup, we have always figure out a new approach & perspective to resolve the issues with immediate action which amazing turnaround time. From design & usability angle we have optimized overall size of our DC Chargers, we have filed design patents for our EVs. Basically, E-Fill has in-house hardware and software which interact with each other seamlessly, this definitely give us more edge than anyone else to come up with innovative and cost effective solutions.


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