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Driver Technologies Delivering Safer Driving Experience

Driver Technologies is an AI-based mobility tech company that delivers a safer driving experience.

by Aishwarya Saxena

Marcus-Newbury Delivering a safer driving experience with its AI based technology services, Driver Technologies offers a low-cost solution to small fleet operators and drivers that includes location and trip data, safety alerts and dash cam video.

In a casual chat with Aishwarya, Marcus Newbury, Co-Founder and COO, Driver Technologies talks about its latest partnership with Métrica Móvil, offering Driver Enterprise Solutions to Latin America’s fleet owners.

Tell us about Driver Technologies key offerings and what differentiates them from its competitors?

Driver Technologies is an AI-based mobility tech company that delivers a safer driving experience. Our No. 1 rated dash cam and safety alert app, Driver, transforms a driver’s phone into a dash cam designed to improve road safety and make mobility technology more accessible. The Driver app allows users to video record their trip while receiving safety alerts such as forward collision, driver drowsiness and distraction warnings. It also offers cloud-based video storage, roadside assistance services via HONK, gas rewards via GasBuddy, coaching, and scoring capabilities. Users have complete control over their data stored on the Driver Cloud and can choose what to share with interested parties such as employers, insurers and family members.

We offer multiple plan options for daily commuters, professional drivers, families, small fleets and enterprises with various features to accommodate different driving situations.

Unlike traditional hardware dashcams, our dashcam and safety alert solution is app-based, which we constantly update to improve performance and add features. Additionally, Driver Technologies incorporates full HD videos of trips from consumers and fleet drivers instead of a 30-second clip captured around camera-detected vehicle events. Most traditional hardware cameras were manufactured before cellular coverage; therefore, they’re not programmed to send high-definition video to the cloud. At Driver, we fully ship everything to the cloud, so you always have the video you need to share with your employer, insurer or family member.

Integration of AI in mobility has become a new face of next-generation technology solutions. How does Driver Technologies leverage the same in its solutions?

At Driver, we incorporate AI via computer vision to help reduce and eliminate distracted driving through dash cam or in-cabin camera footage, as it helps identify objects and audibly alert them when getting too close to the car in front.

Our proprietary AI algorithm uses all the available sensor data to understand whether the driver is in danger or potentially in a near-accident scenario. This is accomplished both in real-time and after the fact to study various driving behaviors. Our team is constantly tweaking those algorithms and retraining our models to have an increasingly complex understanding of what it means to be in a real-world driving scenario. From this data, we can continue our research from anonymized road safety data and implement it in a simulated environment to understand, in a black box, what a non-human driver would do in this situation.

Driver safety is a key concern for every fleet owner. How does Driver Technologies solutions offer safer driving experience?

Through the Driver Enterprise Solution, we provide a low-cost solution to small fleet operators and drivers that includes location and trip data, safety alerts and dash cam video. Each driver in the fleet gains access to a personal Driver Cloud storage where drivers can choose to share their driving videos, AI analysis, safety warnings and location with interested parties such as employers, insurers and family members. Each fleet manager will also receive access to their own Driver Cloud to see all videos and data from the fleet to provide coaching tips to their fleet.

Each solution is customized to the fleet to match the operator’s and driver’s needs. For example, through our Driver Professional solution, fleets can receive all the features of Driver Premium, a dedicated high-end mobile phone, an unlimited data plan, all necessary cables to connect to the vehicle’s OBDII port, and the Driver Cooler Mount to help keep the device cool when running during a trip.

Video is one of the best ways to protect drivers and their fleets; therefore, a dash cam combined with AI safety alerts via computer vision can view outside and inside the cab to identify what preceded an incident. Additionally, technology with AI-enabled driver-facing cameras can help reduce the chance of accidents by sending audible in-cab alerts for risky behaviors, like forward collision alerts, distracted driving or driving while drowsy.

In its recent collaboration with Métrica Móvil, how is Driver Technologies solutions cater to the needs of fleet owners?

Driver Technologies and Métrica Móvil’s partnership will offer Driver Enterprise Solutions, providing telematics, safety alerts and dash cam video to fleets across Latin America. Fleets that partner with Driver Technologies will have easy access to their driver’s videos on Driver Cloud, creating a seamless, easy-to-use fleet management and video telematics solution.

Driver’s non-hardware solution helps fleets manage their vehicles better by empowering fleet owners with data while preserving their privacy based on which information drivers want to share with their employers, family or insurance company.

Lastly, one of the top benefits of using an AI-powered dashcam app with safety alert technology is that it encourages drivers to be hands-free in their vehicles, which is a solution to reduce distracted driving. Additionally, using a smartphone app makes the technology affordable instead of implementing outdated hardware dashcams because it leverages your employees’ existing work phones.

Kindly tell our readers more about Driver Cloud and how can the fleet owners leverage these analytics to make informed decisions?

Driver Cloud is our cloud storage feature that allows drivers to store full HD videos from their trips to analyze and dissect telematics and video data sets. For example, fleets can track detailed event-level breakdowns with speed, accelerometer, location and video data to allow fleet managers to understand what occurred during a specific incident and whether an accident occurred. Telematics data can also identify phone use while driving and penalize distracted users by reducing their driving scores.

Employees can leverage this footage and data in the cloud to adjust their behavior and improve their driving performance. Studies have shown that drivers who use a dash cam are less likely to speed, run stop signs, tailgate and hard brake.

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