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BYD Celebrates 6 Millionth New Energy Car Production Milestone

by Abdullah
BYD Celebrates 6 Millionth New Energy Vehicle Production Milestone

BYD has recently celebrated a big milestone by rolling out its 6 millionth new energy car from its assembly line.

This achievement not only marked a watershed moment for BYD, but also demonstrated the company’s unwavering commitment to pioneering breakthroughs in the electric car sector.

BYD continues to redefine production and sales records by exceeding the production of its 5 millionth to 6 millionth new energy car in just three months. The 6 millionth vehicle, known as BAO 5, belongs to the FANGCHENGBAO sub-brand, which is famed for its super hybrid tough SUV, and was celebrated during a ceremony attended by important personnel.

BYD’s extensive portfolio of brands, including the Dynasty and Ocean series, FANGCHENGBAO, Denza, and Yangwang, has been expanded. In October, the firm set a new monthly sales record, selling over 300,000 new energy cars worldwide. BYD’s dedication to technological leadership and a diversified product selection prepares the business to produce significant value in the future market while addressing consumers’ diverse needs.

Since 2010, BYD has actively expanded its global presence, particularly in public transit electrification by introducing new energy buses and taxis. Over the past decade, BYD’s electric public transport solutions have operated in more than 400 cities across 70 countries.

In efforts to broaden its global footprint, BYD has adopted a dual strategy involving exports and local production to accelerate the presence of new energy passenger vehicles worldwide. Currently active in 58 countries and regions, BYD has achieved cumulative sales of over 200,000 units of passenger vehicles. The company has seen notable success in the new energy vehicle markets of Thailand, Brazil, and various other locations.

BYD’s commitment to technological advancements is evident through innovations such as the Blade Battery, DM-i Super Hybrid System, e-Platform 3.0, Cell to Body (CTB) Technology, e4 Platform, BYD DiSus Intelligent Body Control System, and Dual Mode Off-road (DMO) Super Hybrid System. These innovations have set new industry standards and positioned BYD at the forefront of innovation and eco-friendly mobility solutions.

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