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Automotive Industry Leader Harald Kroeger Joins SiMa.ai

Prior to joining SiMa.ai, Harry was a member of the board of management at Bosch.

by Aishwarya Saxena

Machine learning firm, SiMa.ai has appointed esteemed automotive industry executive Harald (Harry) Kroeger as its President of Automotive Business and to the SiMa.ai Board of Directors, beginning January 1, 2023.

AutomotiveHarry brings over three decades of unmatched experience in the industry working with some of the world’s most influential automotive companies including Bosch, Rivian, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla.

He will be responsible for partnering with key automotive customers and tier one manufacturers to leverage the power of SiMa.ai’s software centric Machine Learning System-on-Chip (MLSoC) Platform and unlock Effortless ML for the automotive world.

Prior to joining SiMa.ai, Harry was a member of the board of management at Bosch. He also served as President of Automotive Electronics with P&L responsible for a $25 billion dollar business, which included automated driving and car multimedia, among other areas.

Before Bosch, Harry spent over two decades with Mercedes-Benz in various senior-level roles involved in purchasing for electronics, quality assurance and the development of electronics in Mercedes-Benz cars.

During this time, Harry was an early member of the Tesla Board of Directors. He also was appointed to Rivian’s board in August 2022.

“I’ve been in the automotive business for the better part of my career and during this time, I’ve worked with some of the most innovative companies in the space. I can spot the early signs of an industry disruptor and SiMa.ai has what it takes,” said Harry Kroeger, President of Automotive, SiMa.ai. “There is a significant opportunity for SiMa.ai to take advantage of the pressing need in the automotive market. The technology necessary for change is no longer based on classic computer vision algorithms, but is completely reliant on machine learning. SiMa.ai has built the holy grail of ML chips that leads the embedded edge market and will now partner with top tier automotive manufacturers and change the industry forever.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome an industry luminary like Harry to our company and board,” said Krishna Rangasayee, CEO and founder, SiMa.ai. “We have a market-proven, customer, and industry-validated solution for the embedded edge market and now we’re building upon that. A seasoned executive and industry leader like Harry adds tremendous value to SiMa.ai as we plan an aggressive path forward in our mission to disrupt the semiconductor industry and advance SiMa.ai into automotive.”

“I am delighted to welcome Harry Kroeger as the newest member of SiMa.ai’s board of directors,” said Moshe Gavrielov, SiMa.ai Chairman of the Board. “His track record of outstanding achievements with the leading automotive companies provides the SiMa.ai team with a unique opportunity to drive success in its expansion into mobility applications.”

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