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Aurita Bikes Offers Diverse Range of Pedal-Assisted E-Bicycles

Our e-bikes are engineered to provide the highest level of performance with the lowest total cost of ownership.

by Aishwarya Saxena

Raghuveer ChandalavadaAurita Bikes aims to promote sustainable urban mobility with its astounding team of engineers with a passion for innovation.

Combining bicycle with the latest electric drive technology Aurita has developed a new breed of mobility known as Pedal assisted electric bikes. Talking about the recent changes in electric two-wheeler industry and its impact on the EV adoption, Aishwarya had a brief talk with Raghuveer Chandalavada, Founder and CEO of Aurita Bikes.

Tell us about Aurita Bikes’ key portfolio, and mention the USP of Aurita’s products.

Aurita Bikes offers a diverse range of pedal-assisted electric bicycles designed for various mobility needs. Our key portfolio includes models like Tempest, Typhoon, Trooper, and Tornado. What sets our products apart are their exceptional energy efficiency and utility. Our e-bikes are engineered to provide the highest level of performance with the lowest total cost of ownership. They are compact, agile, and versatile, running on portable Lithium-ion batteries. The USPs of Aurita’s products include being highly energy-efficient, economical, having the best weight-to-power ratio, and offering customizability with over 300 combinations. The eCycle is unisex and supports a family of riders with its adjustable seat and handlebar making it a perfect family eCycle. It comes with an upright riding position that gives the comfort of riding a scooter in eCycle.

The electric two-wheelers industry has undergone some major changes this year. Tell us your opinion on the current landscape of the EV industry in India.

The electric two-wheeler industry in India is currently experiencing a transformative phase. With a growing emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly mobility, the demand for electric vehicles, including e-bikes, is on the rise. Government incentives and a shift in consumer preferences are driving this change. While the market has seen some major developments, there is still immense potential for growth and innovation. Our aim at Aurita Bikes is to contribute to this evolving landscape by offering high-performance e-bikes that provide efficient and sustainable transportation solutions.

What are the key features that differentiate your after-sales services from others, and how did dual battery benefit the overall efficiency of the vehicle?

One of the key features that set our after-sales services apart is our commitment to providing a hassle-free and customer-centric experience. We have a network of dealers and service centers across various locations, ensuring that our customers receive prompt support and maintenance. The dual battery system in our e-bikes is a game-changer. It not only extends the range but also enhances the overall efficiency of the vehicle. The user can carry a spare battery, allowing uninterrupted travel, making our e-bikes even more reliable and convenient.

How are Aurita’s E-Bikes transforming the last-mile delivery market and affordability in the logistics segment?

Aurita’s Bikes is making a significant impact in the last-mile delivery market. With the Trooper model’s cargo-hauling capabilities, e-commerce giants and logistics companies are finding it to be a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for their deliveries. Our e-bikes offer affordable transportation, reducing operational costs for logistics companies and enhancing affordability in the segment. The combination of utility and energy efficiency in our e-bikes is changing the game for last-mile logistics.

In what ways does Aurita Bikes contribute to the overall transition to sustainable transportation and reduced carbon emissions?

Our Bikes play a crucial role in promoting sustainable transportation. Our e-bikes are designed to reduce carbon emissions by providing an eco-friendly mode of mobility. By offering electric two-wheelers with impressive energy efficiency, we contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Our commitment to green mobility aligns with the global push for sustainability and reduced carbon footprint.

Kindly let us know about the company’s key focus and any upcoming launches the company is planning for.

Our primary focus is to continue innovating and providing high-quality electric mobility solutions that are accessible to a wide range of users. We are dedicated to expanding our product range and enhancing our e-bikes’ performance, and customizability. As for upcoming launches, we are constantly working on new models to meet evolving market demands and consumer preferences. In line with our Utility Oriented Products, we will be bringing more form factors in eCycles, and eMopeds with higher speeds to expand the end-user applications. Also, we are working on reliable platforms to launch an eCycle PBC system to enable various operators or service providers to implement sustainable first and last-mile movement. We are also working on some specific Material Handling Equipment portfolio in the whole 3PL space. As a whole Aurita Will be launching a portfolio of eMobility products that cater to the Utility oriented applications.

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