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Assam’s Green Revolution: 100 EVs + Tax & Fee Incentives

by Aishwarya Saxena
Assam's Green Revolution: 100 EVs + Tax & Fee Incentives

The Assam government has announced plans to introduce 100 more electric vehicles (EVs) in the Guwahati metropolitan area in the financial year 2024-25. This move is aimed at making public transportation in the city 100% green and fossil-fuel-free.

The project is part of the government’s larger efforts to encourage electric vehicles throughout the state. The government has previously provided a variety of incentives for EV owners, such as a 2% decrease in Motor Vehicle Tax and registration fee exemptions.

The introduction of new electric vehicles is likely to have a substantial influence on Guwahati’s air quality. The city is now one of the most polluted in India, and the government expects that switching to electric vehicles would help to reduce air pollution.

The move is also expected to boost the state’s economy. The government has said that it is committed to making Assam a leader in the EV sector, and the introduction of the new EVs is a step in that direction.

The new EVs will be added to the Guwahati Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (GMTA) fleet. The GMTA currently operates a fleet of over 500 buses, and the addition of the new EVs will significantly increase the number of electric buses in the city.

The government has not yet said how much it will cost to introduce the new EVs, but it is expected to be a significant investment. However, the government believes that the benefits of the initiative will outweigh the costs.

The introduction of 100 more EVs in Guwahati is a positive step towards making the city more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is also a boost to the state’s economy and its commitment to becoming a leader in the EV sector.

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