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ABB E-Mobility Launches DC Fast Chargers Site

The OEM employs more than 350 R&D experts globally and has a portfolio of over 350 granted patents.

by Aishwarya Saxena

ABB E-mobility has launched its largest DC fast chargers production site, E-mobility Centre of Excellence in Valdarno, Tuscany.

ABB SiteThe full range of ABB DC charging solutions will be produced at the site, supporting the electrification of all transport sectors towards building a zero-emission future with smart, reliable charging solutions for electric vehicles.

With more than 6,80,000 EV chargers sold across more than 85 markets, ABB E-mobility’s $30 million investment means it has now more than doubled its production capacity over the last two years, with the opening of the new 16,000m2 plant enabling the creation of more than 10,000 additional DC chargers a year.

The new manufacturing site is designed to produce one DC fast charger every 20 minutes.

Around 15 testing facilities can simulate over 400 charging sessions per day, while integrated automation solutions connect the shop floor to the automatic warehouse, ensuring optimized stock control, full traceability, and efficient operations, supported by AGVs and handling vehicles.

In addition, the new site will house a 3,200m2 space for development and prototyping, having invested 14 percent of 2021 revenues into R&D.

The OEM employs more than 350 R&D experts globally and has a portfolio of over 350 granted patents.

The Valdarno facility also aims to achieve gold-level LEED certification – the globally recognized independent standard for the design, construction, and operation of eco-friendly buildings.

The site electrical distribution is also optimized with ABB Ability Energy and Asset Manager, a platform that monitors and efficiently manages over 9,000 devices throughout the facility.

With transportation accounting for up to 29 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, the development, and production of smart, reliable charging solutions will enable a swift environmental transition towards more efficient electric vehicles of any range: from cars to buses to heavy vehicles.

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