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StatiqConnect Revolutionizes EV Charging Landscape

by Abdullah

Statiq has set a new benchmark in the world of electric vehicles with the launch of StatiqConnect. This ground-breaking feature not only reforms the EV charging experience but cements Statiq’s reputation as a pioneering force in the market.

StatiqConnect EV Charging StatiqConnect, an industry-first, empowers users with real-time insights, streamlining the EV experience by eliminating the need for multiple OEM apps. This user-centric feature centralises critical information, including charging data and driving range, directly within the Statiq app, providing users with quick and convenient access to vital data.

Raghav Arora, Co-Founder & CTO of Statiq, said, “We understand the evolving needs of our users and have engineered a solution that simplifies the entire charging experience. StatiqConnect is more than telematics, it is not merely a data-driven solution but as the transformative intersection of connectivity and information. It’s a revolutionary feature that consolidates all crucial information within the Statiq app. At its core, it is the orchestration of intelligent communication between vehicles and systems, fostering a symphony of data that empowers us to optimize performance, enhance safety, and redefine the user experience. It’s not just about tracking; it’s about harnessing the power of real-time insights to drive innovation and efficiency in ways previously unimagined. In today’s digital era, STATIQCONNECT isn’t just a feature; it’s a strategic imperative for us looking to pioneer the future of connected mobility. It goes beyond the ordinary; it’s a holistic approach to enhance the efficiency and user-friendliness of EV management. It is a game changer and it will definitely change the way people charge their EVs.”

Founder & CEO of Statiq, Mr. Akshit Bansal, said, “We’ve implemented a significant update to the Statiq mobile application. Now, an EV user has the capability to list a charger on the Statiq app, even if it is not connected to the Statiq backend. This enhancement allows other EV users to review the station and share their charging experience. In the near future, the Statiq app will serve as a comprehensive directory of all EV chargers in India. Users can contribute by listing chargers they come across, facilitating charger discovery, route planning, and informed decision-making for charging purposes. The first day of this feature launch saw an impressive 160 listings. Every successful listing rewards the user with ₹100 in Statiq credits. Each listing undergoes meticulous verification by our team, ensuring the reliability of the data we provide. The overwhelming response on the first day shows the significance of this feature; people value accurate information to make informed choices before visiting a charging station. Statiq is proud to provide this functionality for our users.”

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