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Reliance Retail to Deploy EV Fleet for Online Orders

The unit also owns and maintains the charging stations and batteries.

by Aishwarya Saxena

Reliance Retail has collaborated with GRAB to send orders using electric vehicles (EVs) as part of their commitment to reducing environmental harm.

reliance retailJio Mart used about 300 three-wheeled EVs for deliveries to individual customers, the company said in RIL’s annual report.

The unit also owns and maintains the charging stations and batteries.

The company said it is dedicated to supporting a green transportation system.

This includes managing fuel use, reducing vehicle emissions, ensuring safety, easing traffic, and promoting social and financial access. The goal is to keep these aspects at levels that won’t hurt the environment, so future generations won’t have to deal with the negative effects.

Reliance views improving its operations’ energy efficiency as crucial to reaching its Net Carbon Zero goal. In the fiscal year 2022-23, technological advances and maintenance methods resulted in considerable energy savings of 2.53 million GJ (gigajoule).

Reliance Retail has started several projects to use less energy. One of these is Project LED, which involves using energy-efficient LED lights in all its stores. They have also installed solar panels at their own supply chain locations.

Reliance Retail’s Sultanpur NDC moved towards sustainability by installing around 500 kW of solar panels. The surplus electricity produced was given to the electricity board, reducing their bill. With 1,532 solar panels and 7 inverters, they sent roughly 5,000 units to the power grid monthly, promoting renewable energy and sustainable growth.

In addition to these, Reliance Retail has begun new ways to save energy like applying a special reflective coating on building roofs, walls, outer surfaces, and windows. This coating helps reduce the need for air conditioning by keeping buildings cooler.

The team that manages the supply chain at Reliance Retail is also doing its part to reduce pollution.

They’ve taken steps to decrease emissions, noise, and fuel use by making sure trucks switch off their engines when they’re waiting, to save fuel.

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