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7 Easy Steps to Maximize Your Electric Car Range

According to a recent industry estimate, an average EV range is predicted to be around 340-400 km which might increase to 500 km after a single charge in 2025. 

by Aishwarya Saxena

Range of EVsMarketed as a sustainable and clean source of mobility, Electric vehicles have emerged as one of the biggest sales boosters of the recent few years.

Known for its silent engine with smooth driving experience while cutting major fuel costs as a bonus, Electric vehicles (EVs) brings absolute joy to their driver, but the rush of adrenaline that a driver experience from a 4-second zero-to-60-mph run comes at a heavy cost wherein, excess amount of battery energy gets drained at a fast speed.

Therefore, cutting the range limit of an EV once fully charged.

According to a recent industry estimate, an average EV range is predicted to be around 340-400 km which might increase to 500 km after a single charge in 2025.

For the majority, this expected Range of EVs is more than sufficient for daily commutes.

The range is the all-important stat to which every consumer pays special attention and plays a significant role in whether or not the driver makes it to the next public charging spot while completing their daily commute, or when stranded on the side of the road.

Despite being equipped with improved technology that will lead to longer-lasting batteries with more and more public charging stations becoming available, many EV drivers are always keeping an eye on How to Improve Range of EVs?

Answering this question requires a detailed mention of a few practices that can help in increasing the Range of EVs to a considerable extent.

How to Improve Range of EVs?

RangeListing some of the most effective ways to improve the Range of EVs that would travel for the same available battery after a single full charge includes,

Step-1: Smooth Driving

Using instant torque during driving an electric vehicle can create a rush, especially when cruising down the freeway but it takes a toll on the Range of EVs.

So, one of the first steps towards improving the Range of EVs is to be a smooth driver when accelerating which in turn, will save precious battery energy.

Step-2: Schedule Your Charge

In order to preserve battery life, EV drivers should only be charged about 80% every time. However, in case a full charge is required then the driver should schedule a suitable time either manually or via the app so that it’s at full strength right before your drive.

Additionally, timing the charging of EVs during off-peak hours could also cut down on your electricity bill and thus will optimize the Range of EVs.

Step-3: Maximize Regenerative Braking

One of the best features of an electric vehicle is its regenerative braking. Contrary to the traditional system that uses pads that press against a disc attached to wheels, a regenerative option turns the wheels in the opposite direction.

Apart from slowing the car down, it produces a small amount of energy to return to the battery. And this returned additional energy to the battery equates to more Range of EVs.

Step-4: Keep a Lid on Heat

EVsRunning EV’s heater, especially at full power, puts a huge strain on battery power. Especially in winter, an EV owner should dial down the climate control and instead rely more on the heated seats and heated steering wheel if available to keep things heated up, which uses far less energy and improve the Range of EVs.

Step-5: Service Your Tires Regularly

According to experts, over 25% of all vehicles on the road have improperly inflated tires. Driving an EV with under-inflated tires will not only increase its energy consumption but can also lead to uneven and/or premature tread wear.

Therefore, another significant step to improve Have the tires properly inflated as recommended by the automaker.

Step-6: Precondition Your EV

EV dashboardStating another optimal way to maximize the Range of EVs is to precondition the electric vehicle. This can be done using any suitable smartphone app or internal system and the driver can schedule the time of departure each day.

This will help in optimizing the power requirements of the EV in the morning, especially when the weather is extreme like on a very cold or very warm day, the car will be exactly how you want it.

Thus, limiting the use of electric cars’ AC or heat while on a journey that uses precious battery power.

Step-7: Travel Light

According to any automotive engineer, reducing an electric vehicle’s weight is the easiest way to boost the efficiency and Range of EVs. So, the driver should make sure that the junk inside the trunk should be thoroughly cleaned out and should travel light unless in emergencies.

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